5 of the Most Expensive Diamonds Sold at Auction

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Diamonds are precious things, and prized so highly on today’s market that a good-sized stone of decent looks could set you back a month’s salary at the very least. You may see that as excessive, but what about some of the world-famous gems that almost everyone has heard of? Each of these stones has managed to fetch a sum that many people never even get to lay eyes on.

This is actually justified – where the average engagement ring diamond weighs just over 1 carat, those sold at auction rarely figure below 50. Below is a look at some iconic loose diamonds, which have fascinated gem experts and amateur enthusiasts alike, and how much they last sold for.

The Pink Star

The largest diamond to ever receive the color grade of Vivid Pink, this amazing stone fetched a massive $71 million at a Sotheby’s Auction held in Hong Kong in 2017. Five minutes into the bidding, and someone bagged this oval-shaped 59.6-carater for the highest amount ever dished out for a gemstone.

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond

This stone is the world’s biggest in the Vivid Blue diamond category, at least among those that have passed through auction. It brought in a whopping $57.5 million in 2016 at a Geneva auction. This diamond gets its name from Sir Philip Oppenheimer, who was its previous owner, as well as once-chairman of De Beers.

Graff Vivid Pink Diamond

A 24.78-carat Vivid Pink emerald cut diamond mounted on a platinum band, this stone is known not just for its uncommon light pink hue, but also the fact that it sold at $46 million after going up on auction at Sotheby’s in 2010.

The Princie Pink Diamond

This is yet another fine specimen among diamonds, which possess fancy pink coloration. In 2013, the 34.65-carat Princie sold at a staggering $39.3 million after going up on auction at Christie’s. This is a stone of the Golconda Mine in India, which used to be the sole sourced of gem-grade stones during a time when Africa’s gem wealth yet to be discovered.

Sweet Josephine Pink Diamond

This particular jewel is most commonly remembered for the story it carries. Bought by tycoon Joseph Lau and named for his daughter, this 16.08-carater cost him a lofty $28.5 million. In fairness, the businessman has been known to spend lavishly on gemstones, which he names after his daughters after acquiring them.

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