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Earlier when people had to buy jewelry, they had to go to a jewelry store and spent much of their time searching for the ideal jewelry suiting them. But in the present time, people consider it easier and best to buy jewelry online. Moreover, it is preferred to buy loose diamonds online than buying the jewelry already embedded with the stone. There are so many benefits for buying the loose diamonds from authentic online shopping sites. Here are five reasons why you should prefer to buy your loose diamonds from an online store.

Large Collection of High Quality Loose Diamonds

If you go to a physical diamond store and ask the sales representative to show you the loose diamonds available in the store he may at the most have 50 stones to put before you. But if you are going in search of a loose diamond to an online store, you have huge collection of diamonds waiting for you. You will have thousands of diamonds from which you can choose the one which you prefer.

Even after short listing the diamonds based on the cut and carat weight you need, you will still have hundreds of diamonds to choose from. Even the customer service can guide you to get to the perfect stone of your choice. Once you purchase a diamond from the online store, you will have the diamond shipped to you very fast that you will not have to wait for a long time to receive the diamond in your hand.

In a physical diamond store it is very difficult to find a diamond which is of your perfect interests. You will have very less number of diamonds to choose from and finally you will be forced to pick one which is very far from your expected stone.

You Can Have Certified Diamonds

In the online stores, you can get the GIA certified diamonds which you can trust completely. There will not be scope for any doubt about the quality of the diamond. If you buy the pre-set piece of jewelry with a diamond which lacks certificate, later when you want to get a certificate for the same diamond, you will have to remove the diamond from the jewelry piece and this action can damage the whole setting of the jewelry piece. Also this can cost you much money.

The certified diamonds that are available online have the complete information about the diamond along with it. You will know the cut quality and clarity of the diamond and this helps you to choose the diamond with the features you are looking for.

Diamonds Are Available At Lesser Prices

Many times, the available budget which is very low can be the obstacle for buying the desired diamond. Comparing to the price of the diamonds in physical stores, the price of the stones is very low in the online stores. The reason is that there is no need to spend money for the retail space, display cases and special lighting in the online diamond store. Also because of the huge selection in the online store, there is possibility of having discounts from the suppliers.

Therefore it is very ideal for you to make a custom designed ring and then to buy a loose diamond from an online diamond store and eventually embedding the stone on the ring. You can save much of your money in this way.

Loose Certified Diamonds Hold the Value Longer

Loose certified diamonds that you purchase online holds their value for a longer period than the diamonds that comes embedded on the jewelry pieces you buy from a physical jewelry store. Though the diamond values change with time, the certified diamonds always have their own value. If the loose certified diamond which is certified by a trained gemologist is embedded into a custom made ring, it will hold the value of the jewelry piece longer than a pre set jewelry piece.

Inspecting Loose Diamonds Is Easier 

It is far easier to inspect the loose diamonds you buy online than inspecting the diamonds which are already embedded in a jewelry piece. If the diamond is already set in the jewelry, the metal prongs of the setting can obstruct the clear view of the diamond thereby hiding some of its flaws. If the stone is a loose diamond, the flaws of the stone can be easily found out using a loupe’s special magnifying glass. The loose certified diamonds come with the grading report which will contain all the details about the stone including its flaws.

If you are planning to have any jewelry piece with a diamond embedded on it, never go for a pre set jewelry piece. Rather make sure that you buy a loose diamond of your preference from one of the online diamond stores and lodge it on the custom made jewelry piece. This will keep your expense low and also will give you peace of mind.

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