A Brief Guide For Buying Radiant Loose Diamonds?

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The popularity of a radiant cut diamond is rising day by day and many people are considering this diamond for their engagement ring these days. Many people are buying loose diamonds recently for making custom engagement rings. One of the popular diamond options for custom engagement rings.

If you are planning to buy loose diamonds online, you should have to talk with an expert in the field to know what to buy. Many jewelers usually recommend loose radiant diamonds for many reasons. If radiant diamonds interest you, then continue to read on.

Loose diamond searches have been extremely popular since the online surge of diamond buying during the Coronavirus-related lockdowns. It’s important to keep in mind what is important to you, whether it is the size of the diamond, how brilliant the shape will reflect light at for example with a rose gold setting, and in what setting you would want the diamond to sit. These factors are helpful and will make your diamond ring search much easier to find the perfect diamond.

Why Is Radiant Diamond Popular?

When you view it from the sides, a loose radiant-cut diamond looks like an upside-down pyramid. The square-shaped base of a diamond is called the table size. The pointed bottom is called culet. Since the bottom part tapers down into the setting, all we see is the square.

The number of facets is what lead to the popularity of the radiant cut diamond. It has 70 facets that will highlight the brilliance of the diamond better than most other square-cut diamonds. That is why many people are choosing radiant cut diamonds over princess cut and emerald-cut diamonds.

What Should Be The Carat Weight Of Radiant Cut Diamond?

The carat weight of any type of diamond has a great impact on its price. Therefore, you can determine the carat weight of your radiant loose diamond based on your budget and personal preference. If you want a big radiant cut diamond, you can choose a high carat weight.

Best Table Size For A Radiant Loose Diamond 

We have already discussed what the table size of a radiant cut diamond is. When it comes to diamond cuts, round cuts are more expensive than square or rectangular cut, which is the main reason why most people are choosing radiant, emerald, and princess cut diamonds. Most radiant cut diamonds have a square base, which means the length to width ratio will be around 1:1.05 or less. The rate of radiant cut loose diamonds increases when the ratio comes close to 1:1. It is best if a rectangular cut radiant diamond has a ratio between 1 and 1.2-1.3.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best loose diamonds is a difficult task, especially if your knowledge about diamonds is limited. If you are planning on buying a loose radiant cut diamond, you can find an expert jeweler online and ask for some insights. They can help you in finding the best radiant cut diamonds at a lower price.

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