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Buying Loose Diamonds

Buying inexpensive loose diamonds is better than buying diamonds already set in a ring. When you choose to buy a loose diamond, you have more freedom to select the diamond of your preferred shape, size, and quality. The loose diamond that you buy can later be set in a ring style of your choice. At present, there are great choices of loose diamonds available in the online diamond market, and it will not be that difficult for you to find one, which is ideal for you. However, there are certain guidelines, which you need to keep in mind while buying loose diamonds.

Assure That it is Certified by a Reputed Laboratory

Whenever you buy a loose diamond, the most important thing you need to understand is if the diamond is certified by a reputed certifying laboratory. This can assure you of the quality of the stone that you are buying. It is better that you choose a stone, which is certified by GIA or AGS. Those diamonds that are graded by these two laboratories are considered as acceptable and trustworthy all around the world.

Select the Shape of your Choice

There are diamonds of different shapes available in the diamond market. The round brilliant cut diamond is the one, which is very popular and bought by most of the people. However, these diamonds may be very expensive when compared to other fancy cuts like princess cut, cushion cut, etc. There can also be the benefit of having a larger diamond if you choose to buy the fancy cuts.

Fix your Budget

This is another important step in your pursuit to buy a loose diamond. You need to set up a budget for which you are planning to buy a diamond. You will have to decide on what you are giving priority. Some people will want to have a larger diamond regardless of its quality. Some others will want to have a diamond with high quality even if the stone is smaller. Your budget will depend on the choice that you make concerning this.

Feel Responsible in the Deal

When you are buying a diamond, make sure that the source of the diamond is an authentic one. Several diamond dealers sell diamonds, and some of them might not be conflict-free diamonds. Therefore, make sure you buy the diamond only from a trustworthy dealer where you can be sure of the genuine source of the diamond.

Once you have bought your dream diamond, you can go forward in getting it embedded on a jewelry piece of your choice.

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