A small guide to buying diamonds

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To meet the increasing demand of diamonds, currently there are artificial diamonds also available at affordable range besides natural diamonds. There are many factors determining the quality of a diamond. As per GIA, diamond is evaluated on the basis of 4C’s, namely cut, clarity, color and caret.

The first thing to check is the clarity of the stone. It is optical transparency of the diamond. The clearer the stone, the more beautiful it becomes. Not only for colorless diamonds, clarity is an important factor for colored diamonds too. The clarity check will also help to differentiate between an artificial diamond and a natural diamond.

Next factor to keep in mind is the color of the stone. Diamonds are widely available in different colors ranging from colorless to pale yellow to yellow, red, blue, etc. Different colors of diamond do not determine its quality but the depth of the color do. It is also necessary to ensure that the color of diamond is natural and not a result of special processing.

The excellency in cut covers the major proportion of the value of diamonds. The cut does not mean the shape of the stone but the strands on the piece. Cuts are what makes a diamond look elegant. Not only the number of cuts, but also the perfection of cuts leads to a sparkling piece of art.

The last but not the least factor to determine the worth of a diamond is its weight. The unit used to measure the weight of a diamond is carat. Sometimes size does matter in determining the carat of a diamond. a diamond weighting less than 1 carat will be much cheaper as compared to those above 1 carat. Carat does have a huge influence on the price of a diamond because it is difficult to obtain diamonds with higher carat size.

If you are not able to afford big prices, there are also several cheaper diamonds available in the market to fulfill your dream. However, these flawless, elegant stones will always remain a natural wonder.

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