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Choosing diamonds for engagement rings will be the common option that most people may consider. After all, diamonds are the hardest minerals found on earth making it a suitable choice for everyday use. However, people who are tight on the budget may find buying expensive diamond rings a sheer waste of money and love choosing something affordable.

Similarly, modern brides tend to steer away from the traditional diamond ring choices. In order to achieve this objective, you may consider purchasing gemstone engagement rings that offer a captivating appeal at an affordable price. What will be a better option than the gemstones that suits your budget, personality, and lifestyle for this?

One of the appealing options that most people, especially women are swooning over these days is aquamarine engagement rings. The inimitable visual appeal and the outstanding blue color of these affordable diamond rings can definitely turn heads. These blue stones, which are affordable than even the cheap loose diamonds, are available in different sizes and shapes. You can choose the option that best suits you.

When it comes to the color, it ranges from pale to darker hues of blue. Note that the gemstones that feature a dark blue color tone are the most expensive ones; still lesser than its diamond counterparts. Aquamarine diamond rings that feature accenting diamonds are perfect to create a captivating style statement. Since these gemstones are cheap when compared to their solitaire diamond counterparts, you can go higher on the carat weight.

If you are thinking about buying an aquamarine stone and inexpensive loose diamonds and mounting it on a complimenting setting, the best option is platinum or gold metals. On a related note, you must always choose a setting that highlights the color of the Aquamarine stones in this case. If you are concerned about your budget, it is better to consider white gold instead of platinum. In case you prefer choosing readymade aquamarine diamond rings from the jewelry stores, below are some of the perfect inexpensive diamond ring designs that you may consider.

Solitaire aquamarine diamond ring

The best diamond ring design that can accentuate the beauty of aquamarine stones is the solitaire setting. It is always better to choose a simple design with the traditional 4-prong setting in this case. Otherwise, you can go a bit luxurious by adding a halo of tiny diamonds around your aquamarine stone. This will add a magnificent dash of sparkle to your diamond ring as well.

Three stone diamond ring setting

Another spectacular option that tends to emphasize the beauty of an aquamarine gemstone to the fullest is the three stone diamond ring setting. Here, an aquamarine stone of decent carat weight is bordered by a tiny diamond on each side. This design is perfect to define the shape and color of aquamarine stones.

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