An Analysis of the Formation of Colored Diamonds

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Colored Diamond Facts

If you are planning to buy loose diamonds, colored stones can be a great choice for you. When you search for certified loose diamonds online, you might come across diamonds with different colors such as pink, yellow, brown, black, violet, etc. They can form a great alternative for the traditional colorless diamonds as they will give you a unique and vibrant look.

When looking to buy loose diamonds with different colors, the fact that most people will be mulling about is the formation of these stones. How diamonds vary in color is a question that fascinated people from the ancient ages itself. Still, some people are oblivious about the secret of finding diamonds in different colors. But now, it is time to end your curiosity. We are analyzing the formation of colored diamonds through this article for helping you to decide whether you should buy these stones or not.

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds are a spectacular creation of nature. People like them for their brilliance and sparkle. Now the diamonds are also adored for the magnificent colors they appear in. You can find some unique diamonds that exhibit brilliant colors when you search to buy loose diamonds from a shop or online.

How Colored Diamonds Are Formed

The basic process involved in the formation of colored diamonds is similar to the colorless diamonds, however, there will be a slight difference. When a foreign particle is trapped during the formation of diamond crystals it can alter the crystallization process, which results in the formation of beautifully colored diamonds. The color of these stones will vary based on the nature of the element trapped inside them.

Following are some popular colors found in diamonds that are worth a shot:

Pink, Red And Brown diamonds

The color of these diamonds is formed due to a particular combination of intense heat and pressure. It causes distortion in the lattice of the crystal that absorbs green light and the result is a pink hue. The color varies from pink to red and brown based on the intensity of the pink hue produced.

Blue And Grey Diamonds

Usually, these colors are formed because of the presence of boron. This impurity causes the absorption of yellow, red and green areas of the color spectrum resulting in these specific colors.

Green Diamonds

These stones produce a green hue resulted from their absorption of naturally occurring radiation.

Purple And Violet Diamonds

It is widely believed that the purple and violet color is formed because of the crystal distortion. In addition to this, the presence of hydrogen can be partly responsible for the formation of these colors.

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