An Overview About Buying Large Loose Diamonds As An Investment

Large Loose Diamonds
Large Loose Diamonds
Large Loose Diamonds

Most of us look at diamonds as a valuable item that is used in jewelry. But some people buy them as an investment because their value does not depreciate easily. Compared to other forms of investment, they can be obtained relatively easily, they are durable, and their value increases over time. You must know that the value of diamonds is subjective because people prioritize different aspects of their quality. In this article, we will explore buying large loose diamonds as an investment.

The Popularity Of Diamonds

The main reason for the rise in the popularity of diamonds can be attributed to the efforts of the De Beers diamond syndicate. For this, through their marketing campaign, they made people believe that engagement and wedding rings must have diamonds. This successful marketing campaign was done in early 1941. Since then, these precious stones have been used as a symbol of love that cannot be broken due to their durability.

Investing In Rough And Polished Large Loose Diamonds

You must know that rough diamonds are cheaper than polished diamonds. If you carefully purchase a high-quality rough diamond, it can give a higher potential return in resale. However, this also comes with an equally higher risk for making a loss. The main reason for this is that it is difficult to assess the quality of loose diamonds. Hence, according to industry experts, buying rough large loose diamonds as an investment is riskier.

It is difficult to assess the color and clarity of rough diamonds. Not only that but also most of them lose half their carat weight during their polishing process. On the contrary, it is much easier to purchase a high-quality polished diamond from a reputed loose diamond retailer. They also provide certificates from internationally recognized gemological labs like the GIA. Because of this, these stones easily retain their value upon resale.

How To Ensure That You Are Making Good Investment?

You can ensure that you are making a good investment when buying large loose diamonds by checking the 4C’s of diamond quality: color, clarity, cut, and carat. Also, keep in mind that stones with larger carat weight are rarer.

A flawless (FL) and colorless (D) diamond will be significantly costly than a similar stone with slight color. Reselling such high-quality stones after buying them wholesale can bring in significant returns.

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