Black Diamonds: Frequently Asked Questions

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Black diamonds are affordable than most other natural fancy colored diamonds because they are less in demand. Due to the similarities, characteristics, and unusual color, many questions arise about this black colored stone.

Here are some regularly asked questions regarding black diamonds.

How can you tell if the black diamond is real or not?

Black diamonds, also known as fancy black diamonds, are real. The black color of this diamond is not achieved naturally, instead; it is the result of continuous heating treatments. 

Most precious stones will have a blue fluorescence under the dark light. If you can see the blue light, it means that the diamond is real. If you see a slightly colored green, yellow or grey and fail to see the blue color, we can come to the conclusion that the diamond is not real.

What are black diamonds

Black diamonds are loose colored diamonds with one color intensity.  Natural black diamonds also called “carbonadoā€¯, are only found in Africa and Brazil. These diamonds have the same chemical composition as white diamonds, but their crystal structure is different. Black diamonds include many formations, which makes them different from other stones. Over the years, black diamonds have grown popular among celebrities.

Are black diamonds more expensive?

Fancy black diamonds are cheap loose diamonds and comparable in price to colorless diamonds. The cost of black diamonds ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 per carat. In the past years, the price of black diamonds was low, but they are now seen as more valuable and prices are similar to white diamonds.

How black diamonds get their color

Black colored diamonds get their color due to impurities like graphite that are used during the formation process, while other diamonds get their color from geological impurities like nitrogen, boron and hydrogen.

Are black diamonds rare?

There are 2 varieties of black diamonds in the market. The first one is the diamonds that form their natural black color during the formation under the earth’s surface, and the other one by heating. Naturally occurring black diamonds are relatively rare and the treated black diamonds are more common.

How to clean black diamond?

Take care of your dark precious stone in the same way that you care for any diamond. The most ideal approach to clean a diamond is with an expert diamond setter, who will steam your diamond to remove the entire soil and dirt. Make use of a toothbrush dipped in warm soapy water, to clean it yourself at your home. And finally clean with a cloth for better results.

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