Champagne Diamonds and Their Features

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Champagne diamonds comprise of colored diamonds which have natural brown color with a yellow tint. They can be found in colors ranging from light brown to its darker variations. They resemble the color of champagne which is the reason for their name. You can buy loose diamonds cheap in champagne diamonds which make attractive engagement rings. Below is a discussion on the champagne diamonds and their features.


The peculiar color is one of the most attractive characteristics of champagne diamonds. They stand out and give individuality to the jewelry. Their color is a result of the presence of different elements in their crystal structure. They usually have small amounts of Nitrogen caught between their structure. As the content of Nitrogen increases, the brownish shade also increases. Note that some of these diamonds are also called chocolate diamonds or cognac diamonds. While colorless diamonds face a drop in value as the tint increases, champagne diamonds are valued for this very tint. Their attractive natural coloring is considered precious in the industry.

The origin of Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are found in different regions of the world such as Africa, Siberia, and Australia. The biggest champagne diamond mine is the Argyle Diamond Mine situated in Western Australia. Champagne diamonds form as a result of a process that is billions of years long. They contain traces of nitrogen within their crystal which results in their unique color. The heat and compression is the main reason behind their formation like other diamonds.

Similar to white diamonds, they also have a score of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Hence, they are highly resilient and makes them a great choice for your jewelry on special occasions.

Rarity Of A Champagne Diamond

With their characteristic color, it is common to doubt whether. They are rare in nature. The truth is, they are less rare than fancy colored diamonds and colorless diamonds. Hence, the prices of champagne diamonds are considerably lower than the above-mentioned categories of diamonds.

For instance, major fancy diamonds like a yellow canary diamond is more expensive than champagne and brown diamonds. Their prices are usually decided by the clarity, intensity of color, and their carat weight. The popularity of these champagne colored diamonds is on the rise. As a result, their prices have also increased. However, there are still a sizeable collection of champagne diamonds available at reasonable prices.

Famous for their peculiar color tone that resembles champagne, these diamonds are ideal for an attractive piece of jewelry.

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