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Real Diamond Characteristics

Diamonds are unique and have distinguishing features when compared to other stones. Today we can find synthetic diamonds which have the same features and qualities of real diamonds. Some people even choose affordable diamonds over costly diamonds to avoid the burden of paying huge sum of money to purchase the stone.

To ensure quality, make sure to buy certified diamonds from the various outlets like Rockher. To know more about diamonds, let’s look at some of the characteristics of real diamonds.

Cannot Be Seen through

People have a misconception that it is possible to see, through a diamond. but they are totally wrong as you cannot see anything through a diamond. People can check it by placing a printed paper under the stone. If you are able to read through the stone, it is considered to be fake.


Diamond is considered as one of the strongest natural substances in the whole world. They are harder than many other stones and won’t break that easily. You can even drop the diamond to test its hardness and if it breaks, it will definitely be a fake diamond.

Grey Shade

Real diamonds can be differentiated from fake diamonds with the grey shade test. If the diamond reflects light with grey shade, it is considered to be original and if it is reflecting some other color, it is considered fake.

Difference in Colors

Rarest diamond usually comes in three colors- yellow, pink and blue. If a jewelry store is selling you rare diamond with a different color, make sure to ask the reason.

Real Diamonds Scratch Everything

Because of its hardness, diamonds can possibly scratch anything without damaging its surface. Before buying a diamond, make sure to scratch it on a glass to test if it has scratch marks or not. If the stone show nothing, it is considered to be a real.


Some may blend fake materials with real materials to create a diamond. By checking all the joints of a diamond, you can analyze if it is a blend of fake and real pieces.

Bad Conductor of Heat

Like some non-metals, diamonds are also considered as a bad conductor of heat. You can check this by heating up a diamond and see for yourself if it gets hot or not. If the stone got hot while heating, it can be considered as a fake diamond.

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