Diamonds And The Four C’s

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How To Buy Cheap Diamonds
How To Buy Cheap Diamonds

It is only when you go into a diamond store to buy one for yourself that you will realize how confusing it is to choose the best one; one that matches your budget and style. There is a standard procedure for grading. They call it the four C’s. They play crucial role in answering the question – How to buy Cheap Diamonds? So what are the four C’s which has got this hype? Read on to know more about the Four C’s related to diamonds.


This plays a role in pricing of diamonds. Better the color, higher its grade and thereby higher its cost will be. It is not easy to identify a diamond belonging to a higher grade, merely by looking at it with your naked eyes. For accomplishing that, you should be a master in doing so. This leaves you with the only option of going for the brightest one available. Let me warn you, brightest one will be the most costly. Have no doubts on that.


Cut of a diamond plays an important role in its sparkle and brilliance. Some of you might be thinking that cut means the shape of the diamonds. But that is not right. Cut has nothing to do with the shape of the diamonds. There are two parts in a diamond namely the crown and the pavilion. In any diamond which is cut magnificently, the crown will be one-third of the total diamonds length; and pavilion will be two-thirds. A diamond which is not cut well can reduce its price by 50%.


Any diamond certificate will tell you correctly the grade of the diamond you have purchased or planning to purchase. If your diamond belongs to the FI to SI2 group, then you won’t be able to see no blemishes. Naturally, it will be costly. So if your intention is saving some money plus owning a diamond, then it’s best not to select SI1 to SI2.


Since we are clear on saving some money, it is advised to buy diamonds which are below the mark of 1 carat. And don’t you worry, it is most likely to be a look alike of the 1 carat diamond you have your eyes on but can’t afford.

Diamonds are considered as statement jewellery. They are the true symbol of eternal love. So it wouldn’t kill to own affordable diamonds for yourself.

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