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The main point that attracts the attention of people towards a diamond ring will be its center diamond. Hence, most diamond buyers often choose a flawless and colorless diamond or an unbelievably attractive colored diamond to set on their rings. When it comes to colored diamonds, there are numerous options such as red, pink, green, blue, yellow, black, etc. However, one of the unique and extremely appealing options in this genre is orange diamonds. Of course, most people would not be familiar with orange diamonds since this is not as popular as the above-mentioned options. If you admire the orange color and are wondering about this stunning option, you may refer to the points given below.

The origin of orange colored diamonds

Diamonds get their colors mainly because of the presence of certain minerals in their atomic structure. In the case of orange colored diamonds, the main source of this appealing color is nitrogen minerals. Note that yellow diamonds are also formed as a result of the presence of nitrogen atoms in their atomic structure. Now, you may be wondering about this color change despite the presence of the same mineral. Well, it is because of the way nitrogen atoms are organized in diamonds. In orange diamonds, the way nitrogen atoms tend to group is known as the hyper-specific arrangement. This atomic organization tends to absorb the hints of yellow and blue light entering a diamond exhibiting a seducing orange color. Similar to most other colored diamonds, orange diamonds also have some nicknames and one of the most commonly used one is pumpkin diamonds.

The color intensity levels

The color intensity level of orange diamonds is graded from faint to fancy vivid. On a related note, the way a diamond is graded will depend on the grading agency. Anyhow, natural orange diamonds with vivid hue are the most desirable options. However, this will not be a suitable choice for those who look forward to buying cheap loose diamonds since dark orange colored natural diamonds may cost a fortune. If you are in love with this amazing color and prefer buying affordable diamonds, you may go lower on their color intensity level. Otherwise, you may choose an orange diamond with secondary hues such as brown, pink, or yellow. It is worth noting that orange diamonds without any overtone colors are extremely rare and hence, will be way expensive. In fact, orange diamonds are regarded as the fifth rarest colored diamond in the world after red, violet, pink, and blue.

Diamond ring settings

When you choose a diamond ring setting for orange diamonds, make sure that the striking color of your diamond is well-highlighted. Some of the desirable options, in this case, include side stone setting, cross over pave setting, prong setting, etc.

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