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Shopping for diamonds is not a simple task since it may likely cost a lion share of your entire savings. Hence, it is quite natural for the buyers to have many doubts regarding the diamond shopping and dealers. People will be even more curious when it comes to online shopping since you cannot literally see your stones here. If you are one of those skeptic bees, you may refer to the frequently asked questions and their answers given below.

How to Decide on a Diamond after Setting a Budget?

Most people may decide on their budget before starting their diamond search so that they do not have to regret later. Still, there will be some confusion when it comes to short listing the large loose diamonds. In order to tackle this, be clear about the qualities you need in your diamond. This will help you to narrow down your search to a great extent.

How Do you Know That you are Paying a Fair Price for the Diamonds?

This is a million dollar question because the satisfaction of buying something at a fair price will be indefinable. For that, you must be familiar with the basics of diamonds: the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color. Educate yourself about the impact of each of these qualities on large loose diamonds. Finally, compare the price of your selected diamond with a gemstone that boasts similar characteristics. You may either refer to any online diamond stores for this or consult a trustworthy jeweler in your area.

Which are the Most Popular Diamond Ring Cuts and Shapes?

When it comes to the diamond industry, there are no popular diamond ring cuts or shapes since the diamond jewelry trends tend to change every other day. Currently, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular ones. At the same time, cushion cut diamonds took over princess cut stones recently and became the second most popular diamond cut. If you want the best of both these diamond shapes, you can also go for radiant cut or Asscher cut diamonds.

Can you Buy a Diamond without Proper Certification?

It would be a big mistake to purchase a diamond, which does not have proper certification documents. Two of the most popular agencies that you can trust with your diamond certificates are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society). All the basic characteristics of the diamond, such as its cut, clarity, color, carat weight, etc., will be documented in the grading report. Note that these are the factors, which make every diamond unique and valuable.

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