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The reason behind the expensive nature of diamond is their limited availability and also the rising demand. Though they are very much in demand for their sparkle and beauty, you should know the fact that diamond stones do not appear in a mesmerizing manner. The loose diamond crystals obtained naturally are processed to give them sparkle and an eye-candy look. 

The gemstones that are obtained after treating the crystals will have specific cuts. There are many things to keep in mind while buying loose diamonds, either from brick and mortar stores or from online. 

Introduction to Loose Diamonds 

Loose Diamonds are those diamonds that exist as independent gems or as being attached to other material. These diamonds become jewelry when they are been embarked or set on metals like gold, silver, platinum, etc. 

Many people these days prefer to buy loose diamonds than buying a completed or well-finished set of jewelry. By doing this way, you will have the main component which makes it easier for you to decide the final design of your jewelry. Loose diamonds are made ready for sale after cutting, polishing, and inspecting the pieces. Loose diamonds are good choices for those who are looking to buying diamonds for investment rather than as just jewelry alone. 

Guide to Buying Certified Loose Diamonds Wholesale

You should be knowing how to buy diamonds, like any other products in the market – you should know about the cost, quality of different ranges, places from which you can get the best loose diamonds, and also various other factors. Here are some information gathered about wholesale loose diamonds to help you out while buying it.

Always determine the quality of the loose diamond you like to purchase as it is very easy to be conned by jewelers in the diamond industry. They can sell you diamonds that are not of great quality, that too for high prices, as there are many cases where people have ended up paying a lot for fake diamonds. Therefore, being able to determine the quality of loose diamonds before buying is very important. 

It is very vital to check the four C’s, cut, carat, clarity, and color before buying loose diamonds, which are the main factors that decide the value of those. It is very important to keep in mind that just because diamonds seem attractive, precise, and seem like they are of good quality; it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good diamonds. The attractive look of diamonds can also be deceptive. 

Cut of Loose Diamonds

The cut of a diamond stone affects its shape and it is mainly done to decide how light would be refracted. The shape of a stone is the factor that decides its appearance whereas the cut of the stone makes it symmetric and beautiful. The price of the diamonds mainly depends on the number of facets of the diamond alone.


Brilliance is mainly the combination of light which gets reflected off the surface of a diamond for producing brightness.


Scintillation is considered as a flashy phenomenon which occurs during the movement of a diamond. 


Fire is the dispersion of light of the spectrum that is visible. 

Any change – increase or decrease, in any of the three depends on the cut of the diamond. Also, the tricky part about producing a state of the art level diamond is about a ratio that needs to be maintained in a particular way. The maximum yield to the extraordinary cut of the diamond should be well maintained when the stone is cut from a diamond crystal because people who buy loose diamonds mostly want the stones to be as big as possible for enhancing the appearance. This makes the process more challenging for the diamond cutter as getting an optimum cut without losing so much is not an easy job.

It is mostly seen that diamonds with the best diamond shape or cut would not be very big in size. Many a time, it is seen that the diamond cutter sacrifices the weight of the diamond for enhancing its appearance. This is the reason why it is important to know about the cut grade of the diamond you wish to buy since the cost of the gem increases with the cut grade. 

There are many types of loose diamonds that are available in the market which include round, cushion, princess, emerald, radiant, pear, and oval. These are the most famous diamond cuts for loose diamonds that are available in the diamond market although there are also many types of custom cuts available.

Also, it is always important to keep in mind to not overlook the flaws while buying a diamond, some of which can be because of its cut. Many types of cuts are available for diamonds but it is very important to check that these cuts are not too shallow or deep. 

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