How Long Does Coronavirus Last In Cats

All of our news channels have been flooded with updates regarding the spread of the pandemic coronavirus; wherein we are advised to use face masks, wash hands and practice social distancing. We hear news about people being forcefully quarantined in hospitals and people voluntarily quarantining themselves to help support the cause of stopping the spread of this deadly virus infection. In the present-day situation, if you thought that your pet is safe from it then you are incorrect. Pets are susceptible to it; especially cats. Continue reading to get more information on feline coronavirus.

Feline Coronavirus

Feline Coronavirus, often abbreviated to FCoV, is a contagious viral infection that is spread through cat faeces. This infection is a common occurrence in households that have multiple cats. The peculiar factor about this virus spread is that it doesn’t infect other pet animals in the house.

How Does The Virus Infect The Cat?

Cats get infected by FCoV if they accidentally swallow this virus by way of contacting other infected cats or their infected faeces. Most of the time, without the knowledge of the owner, their cats will get infected by this virus. It never gets noticed as the cat stays healthy and the virus clears itself out gradually.

What Are The Problems Caused By Fcov?

Although most of the cats display no symptoms or signs of them being infected with FCoV, out of the blue, some cats experience diarrhoea. In rarest of rare cases, this virus mutates and can become fatal. It may take from weeks to months for the coronavirus to clear out of the cat’s system. Until then, the cat experiences diarrhoea.

What Is FIP?

When FCoV transforms into a more fatal virus infection, a severe one, it is called as FIP or Feline Infectious Peritonitis. It is a disease that is mostly found in young cats between six weeks and two years of age. The disease is common in households petting multiple cats at a time.

Can FIP Be Treated And Cured?

To date, there are no cures for FIP. Treatment can be given to the infected cat but that will only help reduce the symptoms. Sadly, a majority of the cats which are infected by FIP are euthanized.

Can It Be Prevented?

As of today, there is no vaccine developed to prevent your cat from getting infected with this fatal disease.

With this rapid spread of Coronavirus, let us stay healthy and keep our pets out of danger too!

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