How To Add Meaning To Your Jewelry?

The jewelry a person wears is often a symbol of his/her character and taste. People love to personalize their jewelry to show their unique taste and personality. You can make your necklace, rings, bangles, etc. special and meaningful by adding some unique designs and features to them. The following are some of the best ideas to make your jewelry meaningful and special.

Sacred Animal Designs

Humans have a strong connection to animals since ancient times and different culture gives importance to various animals. Native American traditions give great significance to the power of a person’s spirit animal. For example, some traditions see the spider as the Mother or creator of the world because of its ability to weave the web. This ability of spiders symbolizes creativity.

Similarly, each animal has its own features and it symbolizes different meanings. So you can choose to include the design of an animal on your jewelry to add a special meaning to it.

For example, a bear is seen as a symbol of strength, healing, and introspections, whereas, buffalo signifies courage, endurance, etc. You can find your spirit animal and add its design to your necklace, bracelet, or other jewelry.


Every person is considered to have a birthstone, and traditional cultures assign various meanings to these stones. For instance, rose quartz is related to the planet Venus and symbolizes friendship and love.

Selenite is named for the goddess of the moon called Selene and it signifies dreams, intuition, femininity, and creativity. So you can choose your birthstone to add to your jewelry for giving it a special meaning.

Special Designs

Jewelers carve wonderful designs into jewelry for making them unique and stunning. For example, an eternity symbol in jewelry shows eternal love which makes it a great option to gift your partner. There is a wide range of other designs in jewelry that carry distinct meanings. Check out this 11 11 necklace which symbolizes new beginnings. You can choose a design that shows your personality and character.

Metals With Meaning

The metals you choose for your jewelry also carry different meanings. The commonly used metals are gold, platinum, and silver. But you can also find a large number of other metals that carry certain meanings.

Lead is believed to be governed by Saturn that is associated with transformation and death, whereas, tin is considered to be governed by Jupiter that is related to education, wisdom, and maturity.

All these allow you to create meaningful jewelry that characterizes your personality. You can add different features to your ring, necklace, or bracelets to make them special and unique.

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