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Diamonds are an important component of engagements and weddings. They would remain as a reminder of your special occasion making it really important that you select them carefully the first time around. Rings are expected to embody your personal taste and symbolize your character. It is best to learn about the fundamentals before you head out shopping for diamond rings. Below is a discussion about the factors you need to consider before you finalize on a diamond.

Diamond Shape

One of the first things you need to consider after you have finalized your budget is your diamond’s shape. There are several shapes available in the market, such as the round brilliant, the oval, and the princess, to name a few. The round is the most popular diamond shape available, and costs a considerable amount more that the rest. It is better to opt for the numerous other fancy shapes of diamonds. These are not only different, but they also cost much lesser than round cut stones. Besides, round diamonds appear much smaller than other shapes with a similar carat weight. Make sure you consider these factors before buying. The most prominent shapes include the round, oval, square, and pear-shaped.

Diamond Size

The size of diamonds is measured in terms of its carat weight. A diamond’s value rises with its size. Larger diamonds cost higher than smaller ones. Most diamonds are priced on a per-carat basis. Furthermore, the price of diamonds shows a steady increase once you get to the full-carat mark.

Meanwhile, when considering a diamond’s size, it is also important to consider the cut grade and measurements. You could seek out cheap diamonds for sale and while holding one in your hand, it might not look large enough to deserve the asking price. This is because sometimes, the carat weight is concentrated in the inner parts of a diamond, which are not visible from the outside. A thorough examination would give you a fair idea of whether a stone you are interested in, has this problem.

Diamond Cut

This is one of the most important attributes you need to look at  while buying a diamond. The quality of the cut determines the way in which light behaves upon interaction with a diamond. Thus the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond, which are considered its most important attributes, depend on the cut. Diamonds are graded for the quality of the cut. For instance, Very Good and Good cut grades serve up stones of excellent quality. You can buy cheap diamonds in these grades of cut, and still end up with a good quality diamond.

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