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Engagement is one of the most important milestones in the life of almost every person. After all, it marks a romantic and eternal union with the person you love. Traditionally, men are expected to propose to women with a resplendent diamond ring. However, things have changed a lot these days and women are given equal status as that of men in the society. Unsurprisingly, many women tend to propose to their male counterpart with a stunning engagement ring now.

Unlike most people think, there are a countless number of options for men’s diamond engagement rings. They come in a vast range of styles, designs, materials, colors, shapes, etc. Hence, deciding on the right ring can be a bit overwhelming for you. Note that you can also design an exclusive engagement ring for your significant other. After all, your love is unique and special than others and hence, it requires an outstanding symbol of love.

Furthermore, if you are concerned about your budget, the best options that you can consider is to purchase certified diamonds online. Then, set it on a complementing mounting. It is recommended to avoid large loose diamonds in this case since it will not suit the masculine nature and lifestyle of most men. If you are still confused about the design or style, some of the best engagement bands that you can choose for your guy depending on his personality are given below.

The romantic guy

If your partner loves bringing roses to you every day, leaving sweet notes for you on sticky notes or snow-covered windshields, and often refers to you as his soul mate, he is probably a romantic person. Congrats; you are one lucky girl. Needless to mention, you must choose a perfect diamond engagement band for him and make sure that he will love it as much as you love him. For this special and lovable person, it will be better to design a ring using supreme metal choices such as platinum, gold, or silver. Note that even though all these metals are sturdy, it offers an elegant charm when compared to other metal choices such as tungsten, steel, titanium, etc.

Once you choose the metal, the next step is to decide on the style of the ring. Fortunately, there are numerous styles available for an enchanting and passionate man as yours. One of the most popular styles that you may consider is a D-shaped ring the features a thinner band. Additionally, make the edges of the ring rounder to give it a romantic appeal. Finally, decide on the shape, cut, and size of the diamond that has to be encrusted on the ring. The key to consider here is to choose a stone that looks elegant yet simple. You can also engrave some lovey-dovey messages on the inner band to surprise your romantic boy.

The adventurer

Are you dating a person who is an adrenaline junkie? In other words, are your man more into scaling a jagged cliff, surfing in the pacific, kayaking down the precarious rapids? Then, your suitor is definitely an adventurer and you will have to think outside the box when choosing a diamond engagement ring to propose to him. In this case, it will not be a good idea to choose something made using a metal even if it is a durable and hard option such as tungsten, titanium, and platinum. Rather, consider something that will define or complement his adventurous lifestyle. Simply put, the ring must be comfortable, accommodating, and flexible. The only and modest solution that caters to all these attributes is silicone.

Note that silicone bands are becoming extremely popular these days when it comes to diamond engagement or wedding rings for men. While these bands tend to provide a masculine and casual look to the wearer, it is relatively cheap and light. Without any doubts, this will be a great option if your better half has a habit of losing things often. However, make sure to encrust a cheaper gemstone as well in such cases. In short, silicone bands are meant to protect fingers of adventurous bees during wild journey and complement their active lifestyle. So, nothing can go wrong if you propose to your adventurous boyfriend with a comfortable silicone band.

The tough guy

Some men will not be so good at expressing their love even though they love you like crazy. Additionally, you can never expect a lover boy attitude from them such as bringing chocolates and flowers, flirting with you, calling you by pet names, etc. If your lover is also like this, then, he is a tough guy and will be a bit hard to please him. Note that you will have to choose something sturdier and masculine to impress such guys.

Some of the amazing metal options that will suit your tough nut are tungsten, titanium, and steel bands. Besides, choose a thick and wider band design to complement his underlying personality. Though all the metal choices mentioned above are perfect to display macho vibes and last for a lifetime, a tungsten band encrusted with black diamonds will be a great way to go.

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