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Moissanite was first found by a French scientist from a meteor. Contrary to diamonds, they are composed of silicon carbide. The naturally formed moissanite is extremely rare. Hence, they are produced in a laboratory. They appear similar to diamonds, although there are differences in many properties of the two gemstones. Below are a discussion and a comparison of the properties of the diamonds and moissanite that will help you when you want to buy loose diamonds cheap.

Diamond Vs. Moissanite: Price

The price of diamonds is based on the 4Cs— cut, clarity, color, and carat. These four factors combine to define the beauty and value of the diamonds.

Meanwhile, Moissanites also cost almost the same as diamonds. This changes only when there is a significant change in their sizes and the Moissanite material.

The prices of Moissanite and Diamond may be different, but it is important to note that there are major differences in their beauty and quality. Do not be tricked into thinking that you are getting a better deal simply because the prices are lower.

Diamond Vs. Moissanite: Color

Diamonds are assigned grades on the GIA scale starting from D to Z, while moissanite is not divided according to the color. Note that they are not colorless and look similar to the K grade on the GIA diamond scale.

When exposed to certain type of lights, green and yellow shades can be observed in Moissanites. As the size of the Moissanites increase, it is easier to observe the gray, yellow, or green tints. When you have a large Moissanite, you can easily observe and understand the difference between them and diamonds.

On the other hand, nearly colorless diamonds like the ones that lie between D to J will show absolutely no tints of gray or yellow on them. Color is the reason behind the sparkle of the diamonds. Hence, it is difficult to mistake them for a Moissanite.

Diamond Vs. Moissanite: Hardness

The hardness of Moissanite and Diamond are measured using the Mohs scale. It is also an indicator of their durability. The Mohs scale provides a clear difference between diamonds and Moissanite. While Moissanite measures 9.25 on the Mohs scale, Diamond is graded at 10. Being the hardest available natural substance, diamonds are the most resilient and durable substances. They are ideal for engagement rings and everyday wear.

Consider the above features regarding the diamonds and moissanite if you are confused between the two.

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