Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring Is Less Rarer than Princess Eugenie’s

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The engagement ring of Princess Eugenie of York is rarer than that of the Duchess of Cambridge. Princess Eugenie’s ring features padparadscha sapphire, the rarest of all sapphire gemstones. If there is one thing the British Royal family members do exceptionally well, it is swanky engagement rings. Each engagement ring of the royal family has its own unique sentimental story, but these are also objectively beautiful jewelry pieces bearing big precious gemstones and intricate craftsmanship.

Kate Middleton’s ring is arguably more iconic than that of Princess Eugenie, but it turns out that the latter’s ring is actually much rarer. Kate Middleton’s piece consists of an oval blue sapphire, encircled by 14 diamonds. Her halo diamond ring was given to her mother-in-law Princess Diana by Prince Charles in 1981, and it was passed down to her when Prince William popped the question.

As for Eugenie’s engagement ring, it was Jack Brooksbank who gave it to her. It includes a pink oval padparadscha sapphire, surrounded by diamonds. Both have a similar style, but Eugenie’s ring is the rarer piece of the two.

Padparadscha sapphire is considered by some as the most prized and rarest form of sapphire owing to its unique shade, a combination of orange and pink. By comparison, Kate Middleton’s ring sapphire is undeniably large, but blue is a more prevalent color.

When asked about the story behind this ring, Eugenie’s present husband Jack Brooksbank told that the gemstone came before everything else did. “I went and found an amazing padparadscha sapphire but then didn’t want to do anything until Eugenie had signed off on it,” he said at the official engagement announcement of the couple.

The announcement came in the course of a Buckingham photo-shoot featuring several close-ups of the beautiful padparadscha sapphire ring. The sapphire gemstone in it looks to be weighing around 3 to 4 carats, encircled by 10 round brilliant cut diamonds with 2 other pear-shaped stones. These stones together help give a unique look to her classic ring design.

Many common people are unaware of this kind of sapphire, but it is treasured greatly by gem connoisseurs. The word ‘Padparadscha’ comes from Padmaraga, a Sanskrit word meaning “lotus flower”. The retail value of the padparadscha sapphire piece is estimated to be above $140,000, so it is safe to say he spared no expense to get it for his stunning fiancée.  

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