Key Benefits of Purchasing Loose Diamonds Online

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There are a lot of benefits in purchasing certified loose diamonds rather than buying a preset jewelry piece having a diamond which is ungraded. For once, certified loose diamonds have a longer value than the pre-set diamonds in necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, or bracelets.

The value of diamond does not change over time; however, the diamonds that are certified are always known to be of more worth. If you really are interested in buying a diamond jewelry, then it is always best to buy a separate stone online and set it in a custom-designed setting. As the diamond that is attached to the custom setting is a certified one, it would have more value than a pre-set jewelry made from uncertified diamonds.

If you were buying loose diamonds online, you would have over 70,000 different diamond options to choose from. Even if you narrow down the selection to your desirable carat weight and cut, there would still be hundreds of diamond options, which could meet all your needs. Just imagine how it would be if you go to a local jewelry store rather than buying online. It is certain that they would offer you only a small selection of certified loose diamonds, and when it comes to your preferred carat standards and cut, the number would still go down.

Another benefit of buying diamonds online is that you would be able to get it at great discounted rates. This is made possible as there would not be huge overhead costs on special lighting, display cases, and store space for online retailers, and hence, they would be able to pass on these savings to their customers. Moreover, as there would be larger selections in online stores, you would be able to negotiate with the seller too.

As for why buy loose diamonds, remember that it would really be very difficult to detect the inclusions or flaws of a diamond that is already set onto the jewelry setting. Even if you are buying a prong set diamond ring, the prongs could hide some of the flaws of the diamond centerpiece. On the other hand, you would be able to easily inspect a loose diamond with the special magnifying tools and then custom set into the design you always wanted.

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