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A limited budget is not going to restrict you from looking sheer luxurious just because you have a small diamond. Your central diamond stone can be made to look bigger within your safe budget by following some simple strategies. Even if you are buying large loose diamonds from the store, you may give some more significance to its proportion and light. When you are doing so, the diamonds would catch more light and reflect them, which make them beautiful and large. Below mentioned are some other tips for the diamonds to appear larger.

It is NOT the Carat Size That Matters

A finely cut 1-carat diamond is going to look more beautiful and luxurious than a poorly cut 2-carat diamond, as the former one catches more light due to its adept cut. Basically, the weight of the diamond is referred to as its carat size. Therefore, more of your budget would be required for buying a diamond of larger carat size. The finely cut diamond stone has the possibility of enhancing its beauty and size if they are placed in an appropriate setting.

Trying Out Not So Common Diamond Shapes

Many of those diamonds shapes except the round brilliant cut provides a better illusion of its size. Opting for a not so common shape such as the cushion cut diamonds are also going to cost less rather than the most expensive round brilliant cut. These affordable diamond cuts provide a larger appearance than the common round cut stones of similar size, adding to the eye-catchy appearance of the former ones. These sorts of diamond cuts include marquise, pear and such elongated shapes.

Accentuating with Smaller Stones

This is one of the age-old techniques of making your diamond jewelry look way bigger and beautiful. By adding some extra diamond stones in the setting, the brilliance of the central diamond can be increased. A halo of petite diamonds can be set best around any of the symmetrical shapes like that of a square, oval or round shaped center stone. Furthermore, a larger surface area can be acquired by the adding of side stones to the diamond rings.

That Perfect Choice of Metal

Although it may sound unnatural, choosing an appropriate metal for your ring can affect the appearance of the jewelry, even its size. Diamonds seem to be larger if you have opted for a better metal that suits the pattern. A metal with a remarkable reflective surface such as platinum or white gold enhance more sparkle and reflects maximum light. Moreover, thinner bands will boost the overall visual effect of the ring, so as the case with a pave setting of smaller prongs.

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