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Diamonds are characterized by unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. Different diamond cuts impart different properties to them, making them unique. However, it is essential to have a deep understanding of the diamond cuts before you buy one. Consider the pros and cons of the different cuts as well as their specialty before you decide to buy one. Below are some of the most popular inexpensive loose diamonds cuts and their various aspects.

Round Brilliant Cut

The majority of all engagement rings feature a round brilliant cut diamond in the center. It has been the most popular shape of all the diamond shapes since time immemorial. In fact, more than half of all diamonds sold today are round brilliant cuts. These are timeless and have been the preferred cut for a long time. Besides, they have an amazing brilliance that makes them the favorite.

Round diamonds are cut in such a way that it ensures maximum return of light. One of their advantages is that they conceal their flaws behind their sparkle. Hence, it is possible to save on your budget by choosing color and clarity accordingly. Yet note that they are the priciest diamond cuts available in the market. They cost 20% – 40% higher than other fancy cut diamonds. They suit women who prefer the traditional style.

Princess Cut

Princess cut diamonds are stylish and bring a contemporary class to the diamonds. These were introduced in the 1960’s and gained popularity very quickly. They are also good with the brilliance and are only second to round brilliant diamonds in terms of popularity as well. Since they are highly brilliant, they also hide many flaws. This way, you can save money by choosing color and clarity wisely.

These diamonds look excellent in every setting and look good regardless of the size. Remember that princess cut diamonds have sharp edges though, and are prone to chipping, if not handled carefully. Therefore, if you buy it, make sure you add a good setting, like the bezel setting, to offer maximum protection to the stone.

Emerald Cut

The emerald cut is a step cut. This type of diamond cut is meant to be enjoyed for its luster and depth. It has a characteristic large table, which is rectangular in shape, and resembles a hall of mirrors. In fact, one can easily see through an emerald cut diamond; its corners are faceted as well, which means that you will see sparkle at the edges.

The unique diamond cut was introduced in the Art Deco era, but it still has a timeless appeal. The vintage setting looks best with this type of diamond. The best thing is that they are very cheap, so you can use the money saved for higher-grade quality and color.

Note that due to its exceptionally high transparency, the flaws can easily be spotted in emerald cut diamonds. Further, if the diamond is not well cut, it will appear dull. Therefore, make sure that you buy at least a VS2 clarity and H color stone. It suits the ones that are into artistic designs.

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut diamonds were introduced a couple of centuries ago and have grown to become the third most popular diamond. They are marked by a squarish shape with rounded corners and curved edges. They are unique in appearance as they are not as harsh as the diamonds while they are also not as rounded as the round brilliant. Besides, they are also not very common.

In fact, they are one of the rarer cheap certified diamonds types available out there today. Note that cushion cut diamonds are not very brilliant mainly due to the poor dynamics of the cut. Yet they are unique and charming enough to make you stand out in the crowd.

Oval Cut Diamonds

A slight modification from the round brilliant diamonds, these are perfect for those who are looking for something non-conventional. Oval cut diamonds are developed from the round brilliant diamonds, and hence, they are brilliant and attractive. Besides, they make the finger look slender, while giving off an illusion of a bigger stone than a round brilliant diamond of a similar weight.

When buying oval cut diamonds though, you have to watch out for the bowtie effect. This is the appearance of a dark shadow in the middle of the diamond. This is caused by anomalies in the cut. So you need to keep this in mind before choosing an oval diamond engagement ring to flaunt on your big day.

Asscher Cut

This cut is described as the modern vintage cut. It also made its first appearance during the Art Deco period. It has similarities to both emerald and square cut, but is sufficiently different from both styles. For instance, in comparison to the emerald cut, Asscher cut has a higher crown, shorter table, and bigger step facets. Thus, it is more brilliant than the emerald cuts. It suits women who love the vintage style with a modern touch.

Remember that among the fancy cut diamonds, this cut is one of the priciest ones. Besides, it also has a limited space to it, and is transparent enough to display flaws. So you need to go for an eye-clean stone when buying Asscher cut diamond ring.

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