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The cushion cut is among the oldest cuts out of all others in existence. It was first used in the 1700s when it was known as the old mine cut. The rounded “pillow” cut is characterized by rounded corners and sides. They have a small table, flat facet, and a high crown. The geometric profile of the cushion gained high popularity during the art deco era. It continues to be popular as a very attractive design for loose diamonds. Below is a discussion on the pros of the cushion cut diamond engagement rings.

Pros of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Gaining Popularity

Although it is not as popular as the other diamond cuts, the cushion cut is certainly making its way back to the mainstream. In case you are searching for a diamond ring which will stand the test of time, the cushion cut is a great choice. Some cuts may look old fashioned, but this is not the case with cushion cuts.

Vintage is gaining acceptance

Like in the fashion industry, there is resurgence in the diamond industry for vintage designs. Cushion cuts are trending heavily among celebrities. Once a celebrity chooses to wear jewelry, it quickly spreads to others. This is regardless of whether it is in their regular lives or on the red carpet. Many celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Kelly Clarkson, and Jennifer Aniston have sported this type of ring at events.

Lacks Sharp Edges

Cushion cuts do not have sharp edges which may get caught on hair, or clothing. Besides, you will not have to worry about damaging the ring by banging it against something solid. Note that even though diamonds are the hardest materials, prongs may fail. A majority of people lose their stones because their ring clashed against something solid which loosens the prong and the setting. Eventually, the diamond may fall off.

Disperses Light

The wider facets of a cushion cut are capable of dispersing light. This creates a soft and beautiful appearance of colors. This suits someone who does not like flashy brilliance. It is better suited for women who do not wear their rings every day.

Great for Colored Diamonds

The larger size of the cushion cut ensures that the colored diamonds are properly highlighted. They help in displaying the hues properly.

Overall, cushion cut diamonds offer several advantages as mentioned above to make them an ideal choice for the years to come.

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