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Considering it to be the most precious stone in the world, diamonds are said to be a woman’s best friend. The cut, clarity and color are the three important aspects of diamonds. These aspects decide the price of the stone. Everyone’s in the lookout for affordable diamond rings for their weddings and special occasions. The fluctuating crisis in the global economy raises questions in the minds of people about right investments. The investors are looking for real alternatives to saving and banking on their cash. These economic situations make us depend on physical commodities like gold, silver, diamonds and natural colored stones.

  • Diamonds are Compact -Such beautiful small-sized stones could be stored in a tiny space. A diamond worth millions could be transported easily to another location in a swift manner, without taking up physical space.
  • Diamonds are the Enduring – This precious metal being the strongest stone in the world will never break off or wear off with time. Hence they could be conserved forever. The only problem is if you could lose it, which could be solved by just insuring the stone.
  • Rich Accessory – A stone while you have it you could enjoy as well. Owning diamond stone is sublime and it would surely be one of your most beautiful accessories.
  • Inflation Proof – It is true about most physical commodities. Real estate, gold, silver and diamonds usually increase value in times of inflation. Unlike the others, diamonds are more durable and movable. This is also why even if you do not want to buy diamonds for investment; you can consider it as an alternative form for putting some money aside. Diamonds make a good investment.
  • Inherit through Generations – It is a jewel which could be transferred to the next of your kins as legacy. The value of such precious stone would only escalate with time. Passing it on to your children is the only way to keep up with this stone which lives forever.
  • Safe Investment – These physical goods could help us feel psychologically safe. We can hold it, look at it and even wear them. Diamonds make us feel safer unlike stocks and other financial goods which could be an intangible asset.
  • Increase in Demand – According to the report, global diamond production values are estimated at $17.5 billion in 2017, a 15 percent increase over 2016. In volume terms, production increased by 14 percent to 164 million carats. Diamond prices may remain steady in the current financial year.

Due to the steady prices of diamond and economic instability, there are also financial advantages to buying diamonds for investment purposes.

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