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Affordable Loose Diamonds

When purchasing something as valuable as an engagement ring or another special-occasion jewelry piece with a diamond, price is people’s main concern. The main thing that contributes to the price is the diamond you will purchase for your ring. Will the stone be in the budget or over it? Will it affect the performance and design of the piece of jewelry you already have in mind?

Questions such as this seem intimidating, but you can avoid spending too much by searching for more affordable loose diamonds than round brilliant cut stones. Many buyers know that round brilliant is the most expensive diamond cut. Any other diamond cut, which comes under the ‘fancy’ shape category, will be affordable as compared to its round brilliant counterpart.

Each fancy-shaped diamond has unique characteristics, which play a big part in the stone’s quality and the jewelry piece’s value. Read on to discover which these relatively affordable loose diamond cuts are.

Emerald Cut

As the name implies, this is a diamond cut into the shape of the emerald gemstone. Diamonds of this shape exhibit exemplary clarity grades, because of the long facets and the big ‘table’ portion. These two are the distinctive features of the rectangular-shaped diamond.

An emerald cut diamond has the impression of a larger-carat stone, and it will make the finger look slender and longer. In other words, this is one of those cut diamonds that elongate the finger of the wearer. It features parallel lines, which look sleek and give the stone an architectural style. This is why it is so much in demand for vintage engagement ring designs. The standard emerald diamond has 32 facets on the bottom half of the stone, and 25 facets on the portion called ‘crown’.

If the gemstone has color tints in it, these flaws will be visible to the naked eye. So we recommend looking for one with a color grade from G to J. A step-cut diamond, such as this one, is not the shiniest, which explains the relatively lower price of it.


This cut is a representation of the modern round brilliant. The gemstones cut into this form have been in the market for six decades. These gems have much credibility in this industry, due to their amazing brilliance. It is owing to the faceting structure, with 25 facets on the lower half, and 33 facets on the portion between the table and girdle of the gemstone.

As with the emerald shape, an oval diamond at the center of your ring will appear larger and it will stand out. So most oval-shaped diamonds are put in the solitaire setting. Even so, some look attractive in three-stone and halo settings too. The oval gems are cheaper because these are less sought-after compared to some of the other classic cut options.


The Asscher diamond has the most complex shape in the family of step cuts. This is because the wide and open table of the stone makes it resemble the princess cut. The cut corners make the stone look octagonal, which is eye-catching if it is placed in a traditional four-claw setting.

Other unique Asscher cut features are large, step-cut facets, which make high amounts of brilliance, and a higher crown. The cut enables tremendous shine and makes an effect called the ‘Hall of Mirrors’.


This diamond gets its name owing to the resemblance it has to the pillow. The cut produces opulent diamonds, with big facets that are outlined with rounded and soft edges. These structural features make the stone striking.

People who purchase cushion cut diamond jewelry prefer a different look, which will fit their classic personality and taste. The cut was grown nearly two centuries before, so it is referred to as the ‘old European cut’.

It is among the least expensive shapes because of the facets, which make diamonds having even the tiniest sizes look bulkier. This effect has no negative effect on the stone’s size, so it is versatile and affordable.


A diamond with this cut has the round one’s brilliance and the emerald-shaped stone’s beauty. It is popular in every jewelry category, including affordable diamond cuts. The step-cut, trimmed edges are its hallmark. It has been available for over 30 years. The radiant diamond cut is rather new in the market, but it has a place in the least pricey diamond shape list.

More interestingly, the radiant cut diamond is the lone square-shaped diamond with the round brilliant stone-like facets arranged on the lower half and crown. This makes jewelry set with the stone sparklier, more vibrant and hence, more appealing.


A lot less diamond material is required to achieve the heart shape. This makes it a relatively cheaper option than the round brilliant stone. It is altered from the latter, hence the classification ‘modified-brilliant’ diamond cut.

A token of love, the heart is a great shape option for bridal sets and engagement rings. The solitaire setting perfectly shows the diamond’s beauty. This may be the last-ranked product in this list, but everyone would agree that its romantic significance and tenderness make it worth the mention here. No matter which diamonds you prefer, you can customize your own ring at RockHer with the help of professionals.

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