Some Interesting Facts About Diamonds That You Should Know

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Buy Certified Diamonds
Buy Certified Diamonds

The captivating diamond, the most valuable precious stone on Earth, has been desired for millennia and is entrenched in myth for its astonishing brilliance and symbolic value. Diamonds, as we all know, are the hardest natural material on the planet, created by high temperatures and pressure underneath the Earth’s crust. Volcanic action brings raw diamonds to the surface of the Earth. Diamonds are mined from all over the world, with Russia, South Africa, and Canada providing the majority of the supply.

Why Are Diamonds Popular?

Diamonds are prized for their extraordinary hardness, unrivaled brilliance, and emotional importance. Diamonds are built up almost entirely of carbon atoms and are extremely hard that only another diamond can scratch their surface.

Diamonds are billions of years old and are becoming increasingly rare as their formation takes billions of years.

Some Interesting Facts About Diamond

Diamonds were thought to represent the tears or splinters of gods from falling stars by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Diamonds are nearly 100 percent carbon and are made up of only one element. The carbon atoms connected in a unique manner far below the earth’s surface, resulting in diamonds’ magnificent and uncommon crystalline structure.

On the Mohs Hardness Scale, diamonds are measured at 10, making them the hardest naturally occurring substance on the planet. A diamond’s surface can only be scratched by another diamond.

Diamonds were thought to provide the wearer power and courage in battle by many ancient cultures, and some kings rode into battle with diamonds encrusted on their armor. Diamonds were employed in the eyes of religious statues by the ancient Hindus, who thought that a diamond could protect the person wearing it from harm. Diamonds were supposed to have medicinal properties throughout the Middle Ages and were thought to be able to cure everything from mental sickness to weariness.

Diamonds can be made in a lab. Lab-grown diamonds, as it is called, are made by recreating the conditions necessary for the formation of diamonds in a laboratory setting using specialized equipment. These lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every way.

Final Thoughts

Today, diamonds are the first choice for engagement rings. People are looking for affordable diamonds everywhere. However, this can have damaging effects since some stores sell fake diamonds. Therefore, it is better to buy certified diamonds every time.

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