The Battle for Supremacy: Mined Versus Man-Made Diamonds

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For most romantic couples buying an engagement ring is an emotional matter. For them, it is a symbol of the commitment they intend to make and the love they share. So, how much money is that token worth?

As per the American Wedding Study conducted by Brides magazine, the average price of a ring last year was $7,829, representing around 14% of the total wedding budget.

You can get one at a discount of up to 40%, and enjoy a stunning diamond that is made to last for years. With artificial diamonds, it is possible for you.

Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

The business of fine jewelry is based on both tradition and gemstones and elements which have long been around. So it is uncommon for the jewelry segment to have something fresh and revolutionary such as lab-made diamonds.

These artificial stones are no stimulants, which only resemble these but do not have their chemical and optical properties. These diamonds are chemically and optically identical to the ones mined from the earth. The only distinction is that these are made in high-tech laboratories over some weeks as opposed to diamonds formed naturally over the course of thousands of years.

These have identical chemical and optical properties to mined diamonds, meaning these glisten the same way and are as hard as their natural counterparts. The same gemological organizations grade these with the standards grading natural diamonds. These cheap loose diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity, with a complete grading of these including cut, color, size, shape and flaws.

Get a Bigger Carat Rock for Lesser Money

Lab-made diamonds are relatively less expensive than the mined ones with comparable weight, size, and clarity. You can anticipate saving up to 40% on these stones. This provides a big relief for people looking to save on their engagement and wedding expenses.

Most shoppers enter an online store with a ring budget in mind. If they discover that with artificial diamonds they can purchase a larger carat and stay in their budget, then their purchase decision will be easy.

In 2013, man-made diamonds represented just 2% of the gem quality market. In 2018, these stones joined the popular jewelry market after America’s Federal Trade Commission ruled that both dealers and manufacturers could describe the gem.

Despite the lower price of these diamonds, the natural ones is a sentimental investment that many people are willing to make.

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