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Do you know how diamond color differs from colored diamonds? Well, you might find this question a brain teaser. However, this very question is one of the most fundamental factors that you must know about diamond shopping. Even white certified loose diamonds tend to boast certain color grades.

While choosing a gemstone that boasts a lower color grade is one of the best ways to purchase affordable diamonds, it is most likely to spark a debate. To avoid this issue, consider one of the best options that offer the best color grade. For instance, consider G-colored diamonds. The reasons behind the popularity of G-colored diamonds are given below. If you would like to know more about these diamond types, you may visit the Rockher website.

G Colored Diamonds

According to the diamond color spectrum, the gemstones that are graded from D to F are regarded as the colorless and best choices. Similarly, the color range between G and L is regarded as the near-colorless ones and the ones between M and Z are slightly colored.

In simple words, G colored diamonds are the gemstones that come with slight traces of colors that can be spotted by only a professional. This means that the color traces will be invisible when looked using your naked eyes and will offer the same visual appeal as that of colorless diamonds. So, you are most likely to get the best bang for your bucks by choosing G colored gemstones for your beautiful diamond rings. After all, no one is going to check your gleaming bauble using a diamond loupe or microscope.

No wonder, G colored diamonds are regarded as one of the exceptional options for engagement rings. Furthermore, G colored diamonds will undoubtedly look outstanding when mounted in a yellow or rose gold setting. However, it tends to look amazing when paired with white gold or platinum as well because of its versatility.

Do G colored diamonds flaunts yellow color traces

Even though G colored diamonds are regarded as the nearly colored options, none of these gemstones really look yellow. Nevertheless, they tend to exhibit subtle warm cast, which can be seen only when you place these gemstones side by side with a colorless diamond.

So, G-colored stones are only the right choice if you are planning to mount it in a solitaire setting or a multi-stone setting that features diamonds of similar color grades. Besides, consider particular cuts such as the round brilliant cut, marquise cut, pear cut, oval cut, etc. to make G-colored diamonds look whiter.

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