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The main factor that you are likely to consider even when choosing cheap loose diamonds is its 4C’s. This includes the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of diamonds. Out of these, the cut of a diamond is regarded as the most important factor since it directly affects its sparkle. Hence, it is recommended not to compromise on the diamond cut.

When it comes to the clarity and color grade of diamonds, you may consider something that is visually appealing. Similarly, the carat weight of a diamond is usually decided on the personal preference and budget of the buyer. However, unlike the former three options, most people are confused when deciding on the carat weight of their diamond rings. After all, how big is too big?

What is the Ideal Size for a Diamond?

While some people prefer keeping it simple by flaunting a 0.5 ct diamond, some people, especially celebrities love going the extravagant way and may flaunt rings with even a whopping 15 ct diamond. If you are wondering about purchasing such huge diamonds, it is totally fine unless it looks awkward on your finger.

In other words, make sure that the size of the diamonds suits your style and personality. Actually, what sizes is taboo when it comes to the carat weight of a diamond ring? If you are also mulling over the same, you may refer to the guidelines gives below to choose your perfect fit.

Never Go Overboard

Always plan your budget strategically when choosing a diamond ring. Never forget that you have a wedding to plan. Play, you are likely to encounter numerous financial obligations in the future such as honeymoon, Job, a new home, vehicle, kids, etc. Furthermore, there is no point in compromising on your lifestyle or being indebted to own a rock. Note that the price of diamonds tends to increase exponentially with its carat weight making this point extremely important.

Consider your Lifestyle

Most women may not have the experience of wearing a ring daily before their engagement. Some people just can’t stand them. Experts may say that you will get used to it. However, the case will be different if you have a huge bulky ring on the left hand. If the extra weight on your left hand tends to make you irritate or anxious, a huge diamond is definitely not a good option for you. Things tend to get worse if you lead an active lifestyle or indulge in numerous hand-activities like gardening, weightlifting, cooking, etc. You can seek suggestions from a credible loose diamond dealer as well in this case.

Consider your Fingers

The fingers and hands of every person will not be alike. Hence, the diamond size that complements the hands of a celebrity or your friends may not necessarily look appealing on yours. On a related note, larger diamonds tend to dwarf slender fingers and may often resemble some candy rings that kids use to flaunt. In order to figure out the right diamond size for your finger, try out diamond rings of different carat weights. The cut of the stone as well tend to play a major role here.

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