The Significance of Heirloom Jewelry

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We have heard stories of rings, which have had got passed down through generations. Heirloom jewelry is something of great importance, which a family passes on to its next generation. Every, heirloom jewelry has a story and it is considered to be a symbol of love.

These traditions are usually created on special occasions and people transfer their family possessions to their next generation. These are done on 18th birthdays, holy communions, graduations, engagement or marriage, birth of a baby or other special occasions. Let’s look at some items that turn into family heirlooms

Diamond Earrings

Fashion and jewelry experts still consider earnings as an essential part of the whole jewelry setting. Diamond earrings add a classic touch to the wedding dress and currently, huge varieties of earrings are available in the market. Diamond studs have lasting beauty and durability, which will make them available for many future generations.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are jewelries which can be worn effortlessly and classic bracelets are still loved by many people.

Engagement Rings

Compared to other jewelries, engagement rings are usually transferred to next generation. They are the quintessential part of every engagement and they are considered to have huge sentimental and financial value. They can be re-sized, cast again, re-worn and melted down into different pieces of jewelries.

Eternity and Wedding Rings

Doesn’t matter if the eternity ring is old or new, they always represent never-ending love. They are given as anniversary present, wedding rings and even given for the birth of new child. These are among those jewelries, which represents deep affection and they are transferred from one generation to other to create legacy of love.

Pendant Necklace

Diamonds and gemstones feature in many classic pendant necklaces and they add charm to the whole necklace. Children receive cross pendants, lockets or heart shaped pendants from their parents.

People have different options for resetting heirloom stones. They can re-cut or re-shape the diamond to improve the clarity, metals from old band can be used to create new band and they can even add old diamond to a new setting.

Why choose some affordable diamonds, when you can actually use the family ring to add excitement to your marriage. People should pass on quality diamonds to their young generations and they should make sure to buy certified diamonds from registered stores.

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