Things To Consider When Choosing Fancy Cut Diamonds

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Diamonds are available in different shapes and cuts. Hence, when shopping for diamonds, you will be able to find a variety of options. Round brilliants are the most popular diamonds across the world, and this is the classic option that is mostly chosen by people. However, if you want a unique look apart from the traditional look offered by a round brilliant, you will never get disappointed. There is a wide range of options available for you including princess, pear, cushion, emerald, radiant, heart, marquise, and Asscher cut. Hence, you can choose a diamond shape that suits you the best.

Diamond shapes other than the round brilliant are known as fancy shapes. They have some advantages when compared to the classic round diamonds. Each of these fancy shapes has its peculiarities and characteristics. Hence, you have to consider them when choosing a stone for you. Here, we are listing some important things you have to consider when choosing a fancy-shaped diamond for you.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds Are More Affordable

Diamonds with fancy shapes are affordable than round diamonds. Hence, you will be able to get cheap loose diamonds if you choose to buy fancy cut diamonds. Round brilliant diamonds have the most sparkle, and yield obtained when cutting a round diamond will be low when compared to other shapes. Therefore, it will be costly than other options. So if you are looking for diamonds at an affordable rate, then fancy shaped diamonds are your ideal option.

Some Cuts Will Look Larger In A Ring

Certain fancy shapes will look bigger than the round diamond of the same carat weight. Hence, if you are trying to find loose diamonds that can give a bigger illusion for your ring, fancy cut diamonds can help you. However, this is not applicable to all fancy shapes. If you want to give a larger appearance for your diamond, then choose a princess or marquise cut diamond. It is better to avoid emerald and Asscher diamond if size matters to you. These diamonds have a deep cut, hence, they might have a smaller appearance than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight.

Fancy Cuts Are Best For Colored Diamonds

You can find that most colored diamonds are cut in fancy shapes. This is because of the fact that fancy shapes will accentuate the color of colored diamonds. Hence, these shapes can be useful for you to bring out the color of your diamond brilliantly.

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