Tip To Purchase Cheap Loose Diamonds

Cheap Loose Diamonds
Cheap Loose Diamonds
Cheap Loose Diamonds

There is no doubt that the consumers want the very best product for their buck. It is also the same for purchasing loose diamonds. We all know that diamonds are one of the most expensive materials on the earth and for many centuries the elite class of society was only able to afford them. However, that is not the case today. We can find the cheapest diamonds online and buy them if we are willing to save a small percentage of our income for a few months.

If you are planning to buy cheap loose diamonds, here are some of the tips that will help you.

Consider A Smaller Diamond

The price gap between sizes grows as diamonds become larger. This means that upgrading from a 1 carat to a 1.5-carat diamond is less expensive than upgrading from a 2 carat to a 2.5-carat diamond. This is due to the fact that larger diamonds are more uncommon, and consumers are ready to spend a higher price per carat for one. Purchasing a smaller diamond is a great strategy to avoid the price rise, and you won’t notice any difference in size in most circumstances.

Use A White Metal For Mounting The Diamond

Experts usually recommend white metals, like white gold or platinum for mounting your diamond because they can reflect the white hue into the diamond. This will result in the stone appearing to be having a higher color grade. Since diamonds with color higher color grades are costly, choosing white metals for your diamonds will help you to save money by allowing you to purchase a diamond with a lower color grade.

Compare The Color Grades

Before purchasing a diamond, you need to compare the color grades of the diamond with your naked eye first. Check which color grades appear white to your eyes. Independent labs, such as GIA, assign a color grade to all certified diamonds depending on the amount of color in the stone. The rarest one is white or colorless diamond and it is also the most desirable, and as the grades decrease, the stone’s hue becomes increasingly visible.

Choose A Princess Cut If Possible

After a round brilliant cut, the princess cut is the second favorite diamond design among people these days. Unlike round cut, princess cut diamond does not waste too much of the raw diamond during the cutting and polishing process. It is estimated that the cost per carat of a princess cut diamond is around 20-30% lower than that of a round cut diamond.

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