Tips To Clean Your Loose Diamonds

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Whether you buy loose diamonds or diamond jewelry, it should be taken care of properly. When you wear diamond rings often, there will be a build-up of dust and dirt on the diamond and it will slowly reduce the stone’s shine. Nobody wants a diamond that is very dull in appearance. The worth of the diamond is in its sparkle and brilliance. If you buy certified diamonds, you will see that the clarity grade of the diamond is mentioned.

If your loose diamond is dull, you can clean it yourself at your home. Even though some people give the diamond to a professional cleaner, we can also clean it properly with the things that we have at our house.

Discussed below are a few useful tips to help you clean your loose diamonds at home.

Use Boiled Water

It would be ineffective to clean your gemstones with cold water, just as it would be ineffective to clean your dishes with cold water. The most important item is probably hot water, which aids wash the breakdown of any soap or hand lotion that has built up on the jewelry. While the hotter the better, it is usually recommended to clean your diamonds at a temperature slightly below boiling. Gold and diamonds have melting values that are substantially greater than 100° C. Please keep in mind that pearls, opals, and emeralds should not be used in this way.

Add Detergent

While practically any household detergent will suffice, a dab of dishwashing liquid is perfect for cleaning diamonds. Start rubbing the diamond with a toothbrush after you’ve used the cleaning liquid. An old toothbrush can help you get into those hard-to-reach places. Instead of cleaning, dab with your toothbrush. The bristles will make their way beneath the diamond with the help of the dabbing motion.

Soak The Diamond

Allow a 5-minute soak in the hot solution for your loose diamond or diamond ring. Re-soak them for 5 minutes, if necessary, after scrubbing them. Then, use a dry towel to drain the water out from the diamond.

Final Thoughts

When using hand cream, remove your rings to preserve your diamonds appearing as dazzling as possible. It is fine to reattach your rings once your hands have dried. If you are unable to properly clean your loose diamonds at home, there are professional diamond cleaning services that you can contact. They will clean your diamond perfectly and bring back its shine.

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