What You Need To Know About Black Diamonds

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All Black Diamond Rings
All Black Diamond Rings

The ghoulish, black coloration of black diamonds has been the reason for its being set apart in a crowd. Many believe black diamonds to not be real diamonds, but that is nothing but a misconception- there are indeed nature-made black diamonds. However, at the same time, there are artificial and treated black diamonds; this is the reason why consumers are required to research, as to the untrained and uninformed eye, these all are the same.

What Causes Black Diamonds To Be The Way They Are?

These are diamonds that are completely opaque- don’t let light pass. This characteristic makes it set itself apart from the other colored diamonds. Plus, black diamonds come in one color whereas colored diamonds come in a spectrum of color.

What Are Natural Black Diamonds Made Of?

Black diamonds are made up of graphite and carbon. The impurities that are present in the diamond, is what presents the breathtaking colors that we see in colored diamonds- the same goes for black diamonds.

How Valuable Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are valuable, but when compared to other diamonds, these don’t leave as big of a dent in your wallet. The true appeal of black diamonds is the rich, black color that seems to defy nature. There are only two places where natural black diamonds can be obtained- these are Central Africa and Brazil.

The least valuable of them are treated or artificial diamonds. The diamonds are essentially white diamonds that have been included with impurities and inclusions that give it the distinct black color. These diamonds are treated with irradiation or heat, and that is how the final black color is achieved.

Should You Go For Black Diamonds?

The dark gemstones ooze an aura of luxury, mystery and class that has earned it a position that sets it apart. The intrigue and appeal of black diamonds have managed to pull quite a crowd in the past few years.

All black diamond rings are just as functional as other types of diamonds. Buyer of black diamonds need not be worried or concerned about taking special care with these diamonds but should consider the cut of the black diamond carefully- the same as you would with any other diamond.

Talk to the store gemmologist, and they will be able to help you choose and zero in on beautiful black diamond engagement rings that suit your taste. Should you go for a black diamond? Absolutely, if you like the mystery and complexity that comes with sporting it, then why not?!

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