What You Need To Know About Ring Resizing?

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Resizing a ring is always a costly process. Hence, it is better to avoid this situation maximum. But in certain circumstances, it will become necessary to resize your ring. Suppose, you bought an engagement ring for your fiancée and you got the wrong size. If your jeweler does not provide a free exchange policy, you can lose a lot of money in this case. Therefore, resizing the ring is your ideal choice in such situations.

A lot of people choose to resize their ring because of a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it can become loose or tight so that it is not possible for you to wear it anymore. If the ring has some emotional value to you, it may not be possible for you to exchange it. Therefore, resizing can be helpful. Hence, we list some of the important things you should know before you choose to resize your ring.

Types Of Resizing

Mainly, there are two types of resizing. The first type is resizing down, where you can reduce the size of your ring. This is the easiest type, as the jeweler can easily cut the extra metal from the ring and solder it back together.

The next type is resizing up, where you can increase the size of your ring. It is more difficult and expensive than the previous one. The jeweler will have to add additional metal to the band. Therefore, you will have to pay for the charges of the metal in addition to the charges of craftsmanship. Another method used for resizing up includes stretching the band. But it will weaken the band, and reduce its strength. Hence, you cannot use this method if your band is already thin.

Rings That Cannot Be Resized

Certain rings cannot be resized, as they might have delicate and complex designs that might be damaged when trying to resize. Some of such rings include:

Eternity Bands

Most of the eternity bands will have small diamonds covering the entire circumference of the ring. Hence, they cannot be resized, as it will result in losing the continuity of the stones and resizing can also damage your small stones.

Tension Rings

Here, the diamonds will be held in place using the tension between the two ends of the bands. So if these rings are resized, the structural strength that is used for holding the diamond in place will be reduced.

Stainless Steel, Titanium Or Tungsten Rings

These metals are very tough, hence, it is not possible to resize the rings that are made of these metals.

Resizing is an expensive and tedious process. Therefore, when buying a ring, you have to make sure that it fits the best. If you are buying an engagement ring for your fiancée, it is better to find her ring size before buying so that you won’t have to resize it.

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