Which One is Better – Loose Diamond or Mounted Diamond?

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When you plan to buy an engagement ring, you might think that the preset designs are the only available option for you. In the preset designs, the diamond will be mounted on a ring. If you start your search for the engagement ring from local stores, the preset rings will be the ones that you see. However, there are also loose diamonds that you can purchase and set on an engagement ring setting of your choice.

Many couples do not even think about customizing their engagement ring. Why would someone take the hassle when they have the option to shop diamond rings in cash and carry way. Buyers might think that it will be better to buy preset diamond engagement rings instead of buying loose diamond as it can help save much time.

Difference between Both the Options

Selecting the right option for you depends on convenience and flexibility. Preset rings can offer you a cash and carry manner of purchase, which can be fast and straightforward. When you see a preset engagement ring that you like, you pay for it and slide it on the finger of your intended. This is a perfect option for all those people who are looking to buy engagement ring in a hurry. However, this option can make it hard for the buyer to assess the quality of the diamond.

Many times, diamonds are set in way to conceal the flaws in the stone by the metal prongs. As most of the buyers do not know what to look for, they can get duped easily by unethical diamond sellers.

Advantages of Loose Diamonds

It can be a time consuming job to find a good loose diamond and then choosing a mounting for it. However, in the opinion of many diamond experts, it is the wiser choice. In fact, buying loose diamonds have many advantages when compared to the preset diamonds.

  • It Allows Buyer to Focus on Quality of Stone: The buyer will be able to see and inspect the complete diamond before mounting it on the ring. This can help verify that no potential problems are present in the diamond.
  • It Helps to Make a Purchase within the Budget: Most of the jewelers might be carrying a limited number of preset rings and it can be difficult for you to find a ring that fits in your budget. You might be forced to raise your budget, or may need to compromise and settle down for less.
  • It Ensures That you Get a Conflict-Free Diamond: As you can get a loose diamond with the quality grading report and authenticity certificate, you can check the origins of the diamond and rest assured that the stone was not mined unethically.

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