Why Is GIA Certification Significant for Diamonds?

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GIA Certification turns out to be a great deal rather an important criterion while buying diamonds. However, very few buyers of the lot really have got an idea of what this GIA stuff is all about.

Let’s discuss here some overview of the same, and be aware of the drastic certification next time you buy diamonds, the real diamonds!!

What is GIA certification?

Gemological Institute of America or merely GIA is an establishment dedicated to education and research in the area of Gemology and the arts of jewelry making by setting standards for assessment of the quality of diamonds. The institute works independently and functions as a non-profit organization. Above all that, grading of diamonds is the foremost function of GIA.

It was the GIA that had created the basic standard to assess the quality of a diamond with 4Cs notably, the diamonds’ cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. Furthermore, for the evaluation of each ‘C’ certain scientific procedures were created with grading terminology for description purposes.

Are all diamonds available in the market GIA certified?

GIA certifications will nothave a mandatory accreditation of all diamonds available in the market. It is moreover a trust given to the customers while buying diamonds by the jeweler with the independent grading services. In order to ensure whether the diamond is certified with GIA, you may check it for its grading report, at times at the girdle of the diamond one could find a unique number by which the online global report database of GIA can be accessed.

Grading report of GIA

This is notably a crucial factor when buying a diamond, as it delivers reports in various formats like the digital versions. The reports constitute of highly accurate and trusted grading details of which diamond shoppers may depend upon.

Is it necessary to ensure the GIA tag on diamonds while purchasing?

With such a grading inscribed in the diamond, you can ensure that it is a natural diamond. According to ongoing scientific research, they claim that they are testing the diamonds using available procedures and sophisticated instruments. Hence, no one has to doubt about the quality of the diamond they are purchasing even if they are buying large loose diamonds from the market.

What are the objectives behind grading a diamond with GIA?

GIA follows a robust set of procedures to ensure the objectivity with definite grading process. It begins with the removing of the details of its owner after being placed in transparent storage. Throughout the process, it is tracked with a certain bar code assigned to it. The mentioned process together assures the buyer of the diamond both standard and quality.

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