A Brief Buying Guide For Fancy Colored Diamonds

Fancy Colored Diamond Ring
Fancy Colored Diamond Ring
Fancy Colored Diamond Ring

Most people might be familiar with colorless diamonds but many are unaware of fancy colored diamonds and how beautiful a fancy colored diamond ring can look. Fancy-colored diamonds are considered the orchids among gemstones. You may not find colored diamonds as common as colorless diamonds, because they are very rare and not surprisingly, very expensive. These precious stones are found in different colors including pink, yellow, red, blue, green, etc. All of them are rare, but among fancy colored diamonds, the red diamond is the rarest and you have to dig deep in your pocket to get your hands on a red diamond ring.

Even though colored diamonds like red and blue diamonds are expensive, there are some colored diamonds you can afford. Moreover, colored diamonds do not lose value like ordinary colorless diamonds. Fancy-colored diamonds are considered assets and their value might increase over time. Because of this reason many have bought colored diamonds as an investment. In this article, we are discussing how to select investment-grade diamonds.

Let us look at the basic things to look for before buying colored diamonds.

Color And Saturation

As you can imagine, color intensity is one of the major factors that determine the quality and price of a fancy-colored diamond. Single-colored stones with rich color saturation are more expensive than those with a secondary hue or a faint color. When purchasing a colorful diamond, check whether there are any visible inclusions or flaws in the diamond.

Shape Of The Diamond

Fancy-colored diamonds typically come in the form of a Cushion or Radiant to emphasize the richness of their color. Colored diamonds of other shapes are less common as they are not efficient in emphasizing the color of the diamond.

Stay Away From Treated Diamonds

Most black diamonds on the market have undergone treatment to make them look black. Even though treated diamonds are less expensive, the color will eventually fade. On the other hand, natural colored diamonds keep their brilliance and intensity. Enhancements to color and clarity weaken stones and raise their vulnerability to fractures, chips, and cracks.

Look For Genuine Certifications

You should not buy any diamond, colored or colorless, without proper certifications. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the foremost authority to certify the quality standards of a diamond. A diamond certificate can provide you with all information about its quality parameters including color, carat weight, clarity, and cut quality.

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