A Guide to Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Inexpensive Loose Diamonds
Inexpensive Loose Diamonds
Pear Shaped Diamond Guide

Pear shapes may not be the most popular shapes available out of the different diamond shapes. Still, they are very attractive and beautiful in their own way. They are similar to a teardrop and are sometimes called teardrop-shaped diamonds. Pear diamonds are included under the category of brilliant diamonds. They are, in fact, the combination of the round brilliant cut and the marquise cut. Below is a discussion on the pear cut diamonds.

Pear Diamonds Meaning

There may not be a specific meaning to the pear-shaped diamonds, but they are associated with some general traits. Since pear is an uncommon shape, it is said that those who wear pear-shaped diamonds are of strong personality. Further, it is believed that the pear shape represents romance since the shape is associated with tears that flow in a relationship. Overall, it is a great choice for those looking for an elegant and beautiful stone that is different from the mainstream diamond shapes.

It is up to the wearer to choose the direction on which to point the pear. Usually, they are worn with the pointed tip facing the end of the finger. This will have the effect of making the finger appear slim and long. The opposite direction is also commonly seen.

Pros of Pear Diamond

• Appear Large for Their Carat Weight

Pear diamonds have the property of appearing larger than their actual carat weight due to their higher degree of spread. When comparing 1 carat inexpensive loose diamonds of pear shape with that of the round brilliant diamond, you will observe that the former appears larger. This is due to their larger spread.

• Flatter the Beauty of your Finger

Pear diamonds have an elongated shape that appears beautiful regardless of the features. Note that they look even better for those with short fingers as it makes the fingers appear larger.

Cons of Pear Diamonds

• Pear Diamonds May Display a ‘Bow Tie Effect’

The ‘bow tie’ effect is the biggest curse of the pear shaped engagement rings. This refers to the dark shadow that appears within the diamond when the light gets reflected off the bottom of the stone and is passed outward through them. Through certain angles, no light is reflected back through the top of the diamond. These areas appear like dark triangles to the center of the stone. Note that almost all the pear-shaped diamonds display the bow tie effect to an extent.

• Pear Diamonds Display Warm or Yellow Colors More Easily

White color is considered as the most valuable among diamonds. Some diamonds have a tendency to pick up shades of yellow as time passes. The advantage of brilliant cut diamonds is that they reflect the light very effectively that the reflected light washes away the presence of warmer tones. In the case of pear diamonds, only the rounded side is pear cut. This means the pointed end is ineffective in reflecting light efficiently and makes the actual color visible.

Unique Asymmetry of Pear Shaped Diamonds

One of the main reasons behind the signature silhouette of the pear shape is its asymmetry. It stands out among the rest of the diamond shapes in the matter of asymmetrical top and bottom. The shape is defined by its curve from the bottom to the pointed end to the top.

Pear Diamond Cut Quality Guide

Pear diamonds are a brilliant cut. Therefore, it is important to optimize their proportions to get maximum reflection as possible. Note that these diamonds do not have an ideal proportion like a round brilliant diamond

Ideal Pear Diamond Shape

The ideal pear diamond should have a profile with a curved lobe. It should be a semicircle and should have no squared off ‘shoulders’ or straight lines. Such a shape is more likely to reflect maximum light to your eyes. Make sure that the point on top of the stone should be in the direct line off the center of the table and the top of the lobe. Presence of any deviation would mean that there would be light reflected in all directions instead of moving out of the top as scintillation. Finally, make sure the pointed end is not a broad one.

Sometimes diamond cutters deliberately make the tip over the top broad in order to increase the carat weight. This affects the beauty of the stone in a big way, making it more egg-shaped rather than teardrop-shaped. Further, sometimes the diamonds are made with excessively square shoulders towards the bottom of the stone. This is another way to increase the carat weight of the diamond. Both the above leads to a less beautiful diamond.

Pear shaped diamonds are among the most beautiful and attractive shapes among cheap certified diamonds. Make sure you consider the above factors when you look to purchase them.

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