Choosing Side Stones for your Affordable Diamond Rings

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Once you decide to get engaged, the first thing that you may think about will be a perfect as well as an affordable diamond engagement ring. For this, the best option is to design a diamond ring since it will give you the liberty to craft a sparkler that meets your requirements, unlike the readymade ones. Most people may give priority to the center diamond of their engagement ring since it represents the love and commitment between the couples. However, choosing a solitaire diamond ring will not be a suitable option for a budget-friendly shopper. Rather, you may go for multi-stone diamond rings. Note that you can buy loose diamonds at an affordable price from wholesale loose diamond dealers or you may use some existing loose diamonds to design your ring.

Anyhow, the first thing that you must decide in this case is the number of side stones you need on your ring. This is totally up to the personal taste and budget of the wearer. If you managed to purchase affordable diamonds or need maximum bling on your ring, you may go for a pave, channel, cluster, or halo diamond ring settings. Otherwise, it is better to consider a three-stone diamond setting or a half eternal diamond ring setting. However, note that the maintenance and repairs will be more with the former options. Plus, their complex structure will make it challenging for you to clean it regularly. On a related note, you are more likely to wear your diamond engagement rings on a daily basis and hence, the dirt and grime buildup on it will be relatively more.

Other factors that you must consider when you buy loose diamonds for your ring are its size and color. When it comes to the diamond size, consider your budget as well as the resulting balance of the overall ring design. Usually, the side stones will be smaller and subtle when compared to the center diamond so as to accentuate its beauty to the fullest. As far as the color of the accent diamonds, it is better to choose diamonds that feature the same color grade as that of your center stone. Otherwise, the color difference would be evident and may look awkward on your finger. In case you love to add a tint of color to your ring, you may go for any colored stones that offer a balanced look. However, colored diamonds will be way expensive than their colorless counterparts.

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