Choosing The Style And Setting Of Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Solitaire Setting
Solitaire Setting
Solitaire Setting

Most people are decisive about the big center diamond in their engagement ring. However, when it comes to the rest of the ring setting, many get confused about which design to go with and what size, shape and colored stones to add to those designs. In addition to having basic knowledge about the 4Cs of diamonds and their shapes, having a rough idea about your ring design and your favorite side stones might help make your decision easier. Let us take a look at some popular ring designs that belong to the above-mentioned category.

The Solitaire Setting

This is one of the classic and most favored styles in diamond rings, especially in the 1 carat center diamond ring category. This setting features the large center stone in a prong setting, which helps show off the diamond in all its glory and maximize the brilliance of the stone by using the minimum possible metal to hold the stone in place. The design can have either a 4-prong setting or a 6-prong setting, with the latter being a more secure one. Some jewelers offer great designs in colored metals like yellow and rose gold with white colored prongs that would keep the brilliance of the stone intact by avoiding the color of the metal being reflected by the stone.

The Baguette Setting

Baguette cut diamonds are long and rectangular in shape. The stone is characterized by a flat top. The slender and sophisticated baguette cut makes even the angular cuts look aesthetically appealing. This style is an all-time favorite in the diamond engagement rings category, with many available variations to the basic design. Many brides-to-be opt to customize the design by adding their birthstones or other baguette-cut diamonds to each side of the center stone, thereby adding an emotional element to the ring and making it unique.

The pave setting is a versatile one with options to have small diamonds to be set seamlessly around the large center diamond or throughout the length of the band. While the first option gives the center stone a bigger appearance and added sparkle, the second one makes the band shine along with the centerpiece, making the design a great combination of classic and modern elements.

Beautiful diamond engagement rings come in a variety of designs and styles. The modern-day market has a design for every bride-to-be and in every price range.

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