How To Buy Estate Jewelry?

Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds
Buy Loose Diamonds

Estate jewelry refers to used jewelry that is quite a few years older. A lot of people now prefer to get estate jewelry because of the exquisite old charm offered by them. A large number of online dealers sell used jewelry and you can find a huge variety of options with them.

There are different advantages you can get by choosing estate jewelry when compared to buying new ones. They can be more affordable than new ones, hence, if you are looking for low-cost options for your engagement rings, they can be a great choice for you. Additionally, getting used jewelry creates an ethical alternative to purchasing new ones. You can get the unique and elegant look offered by antique designs by choosing this jewelry.

If you are planning to buy estate jewelry, the following guide can be beneficial for you.

Know The Categories

You might come across different terms like antique, vintage, modern, antique-style, etc. when looking for estate jewelry. Hence,it is important for you to know the distinctions between them to choose the right option for you.

Estate jewelry refers to a piece of jewelry that is previously owned or used irrespective of the number of years it has been in use. The term antique is used to denote pieces of jewelry that are more than 100 years old. Vintage rings and other pieces of jewelry are neither old enough to be considered antique nor young enough to be called modern. Usually, vintage jewelry will be older than 30 years and younger than 100 years.

If you see the word modern, then it is jewelry made within the recent 30 years.

Additionally, antique-style jewelry is pieces of jewelry that have the look of antique jewelry but are modern. You can get antique-style rings directly from jewelry stores or choose to make them on your own. It is possible for you to buy loose diamonds to set on your jewelry so that you can perfectly recreate the look of antique jewelry.

Buy What Intrigues You

There can be a wide variety of options available when it comes to estate jewelry. So you can choose an option that intrigues you more. Also, antique rings can have delicate designs and their age might make them more vulnerable to damage. Hence, make sure to consider your lifestyle when getting them.

Additionally, antique rings are less likely to come with diamond certificates. But some estate jewelry might come with certificates from gemological labs. Getting jewelry with certified loose diamonds can help to determine the quality of your stones.

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