How To Determine Whether Your Diamond Centerpiece Is Loose

Certified Loose Diamonds
Certified Loose Diamonds
Certified Loose Diamonds

A common engagement ring concern is about losing the centerpiece stone. Even if you have got certified loose diamonds tightened, there can be unforeseen things. Unfortunately, it is potentially challenging to pinpoint the exact reason why a centerpiece diamond fell out of its setting. It is sometimes associated with a poorly made diamond ring or a damaging blow to the setting. If you lose one stone in your engagement ring, your diamond would usually be loose in the setting, and then it would work itself out. Read on to know how to reduce the possibility of losing your diamond thus.

Get It Professionally Inspected Occasionally

To reduce that possibility, you should have your ring examined by a jewelry professional twice or more times per year. The professional will examine the claws in the setting and your gemstones to confirm whether your ring has enough metal and stones in place.

Besides, when your ring strikes something hard, it would be wise to check your stones instantly. Even antique rings are made to last, but a ring that you wear commonly can have some amount of wear and tear. So, you should always be more cognizant of the overall condition of your ring. Otherwise, you would have to search on the floor to find loose diamonds with specialized equipment.

How To Determine Whether Your Diamonds Are Intact

The form of your ring setting will dictate how you should check the gemstone.

  • If your center diamond is set in a ring with four or more prongs, run the fingernail along its girdle and attempt to move it gently to and fro. When you are unable to do it easily, the stone is perhaps secure.
  • Is the gemstone in a bezel-set ring? Or, do you lack direct access to its girdle? If so, press on its most outward area gently with a pin. Attempt to move your pin to either the right or left to see whether the stone moves alongside it. Avoid being excessively aggressive with that pin as using a certain amount of force can make your diamond less tight.
  • One more easy way to test its integrity is by taking the jewelry piece close to the ear and shaking the piece to and fro and checking whether any rattling noise is audible to you. If you hear such noise, or the stone has some movement, take the piece to a jeweler for necessary repairs.

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