How to Find Loose Prongs in Your Diamond Ring?

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The Prong setting is one of the popular settings in diamond rings. Prong is a small metal claw that is used to hold a diamond securely in its position. The main advantage of prong setting is that it provides more visibility for the diamond, hence, the amount of light entering the stone will be higher and so is its sparkle. Therefore, most people prefer prong settings for their diamond ring.

If you want to design your ring with prong settings, you can buy certified diamonds online and then go to a jeweller for mounting your diamonds on a ring. Prong setting will bring out the beauty of your stone, especially, if they are large loose diamonds, as the brilliance and sparkle will be more for such diamonds.

One of the drawbacks associated with the prong setting is that the prongs can get loose over time. If you are not able to detect loose prongs, you may lose your diamond. Hence, if you have a prong ring, you have to make sure that you have no loose prongs for ensuring the safety of your stone.

How to find loose prongs?

You can find out if there are any loose prongs in your ring with the help of a good lens. It is an easy task and does not need any technical knowledge. Check to see if there is any suspicious gap between the prong and the diamond. If yes, it might indicate a problem that should be given immediate care.

Another way to check a loose diamond is by tapping the stone with your fingernails. If there no visible movement, then your diamond is safe, otherwise, it may need immediate attention.

The next method is to move your fingernails across the outer diameter of the stone and rock it up and down gently. Again, if there is any visible movement, it might indicate a loose prong.

Finally, to make things a bit more clear, hit the setting with your fingertip while holding the ring close your ears. If you hear a rattling sound, then your diamond is definitely loose and needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

What to do if the prong is loose?

It is better to consult a professional if you find a loose prong in your ring. Do not try to fix it by yourself, as you may damage your stone or break the prong. Therefore, take your ring to a jeweller, he can tighten your loose prongs easily and efficiently.

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