How To Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling?

Certified Loose Diamonds
Certified Loose Diamonds
Certified Loose Diamonds

People usually buy diamonds for their sparkle and brilliance. These stones can add more shine to your jewelry thereby helping you to steal the attention of others. However, it is important for you to buy certified loose diamonds to ensure that your diamond has great sparkle and value. Even though diamonds typically exhibit great sparkle, it can reduce with a decrease in their quality. But when you buy certified diamonds, it can be useful for making sure that the stone you get have high sparkle and great value.

Along with getting high-quality diamonds, you have to keep your diamonds clean for maintaining their brilliance. Otherwise, they can look dull and lifeless thereby affecting the overall appearance of your jewelry.

So we list some of the best tips for you to keep your diamonds clean and keep their brilliance at its peak. These tips can be helpful for you to prevent your diamonds from becoming dull.

Handle Your Diamonds With Care

Diamonds have a natural tendency to attract grease, so it can be difficult for you to keep them clean. When you handle diamonds, the oil present in your hands can adhere to their surface and make them dull. This can take away to fire and brilliance exhibited by these stones. Hence, make sure to handle the diamonds sparingly to avoid them coming into contact with oil and dirt.

Keep Your Diamonds Clean

Cleaning your diamonds can help to remove the grease and dirt sticking onto them. Soak your diamond jewelry in a gentle degreasing solution. You can use water mixed with a few drops of mild soap for cleaning the diamond.

After removing the stone from the soap solution, use a soft brush to scrub off the dirt and oil present on it. This can help to remove the dirt present in areas that are difficult to clean, like the back of a diamond.

Be Gentle

When using a brush, make sure to scrub gently. If the jewelry is old or has delicate settings, harsh scrubbing can damage the settings and make the stones loose. This can increase the risk of damaging the jewelry and losing the stones.

After cleaning with the brush, rinse the jewelry using water and dry it with a soft and lint-free cloth.

Don’t Use Harmful Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents like chlorine, toothpaste, etc. can be very harsh for your diamonds. So it is better to avoid their use to prevent any damage to the stone.

Consider these tips for keeping your diamonds clean and to maintain their brilliance and sparkle.

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