Points To Remember When Purchasing Loose Princess Cut Diamonds

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Loose Diamond Dealer

Princess cut diamonds are one of the most popular design choices for engagement rings by women. It combines both modern and traditional design aspects making it very desirable. It has a symmetrical cut square shape with pointed ends making it suitable for different types of ring setting. Some people choose to buy loose princess cut diamonds wholesale as it allows them to focus more on the stone quality and gives the flexibility to choose ring settings of their choice. Besides, you can add additional customisations when compared to buying a preset diamond engagement ring. So how do you buy a perfect loose princess cut diamond?

Find The Right Jeweler

To begin with, you will have to find a trustworthy jeweler, because a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry that you will be buying in a lifetime. For this, you have to search thoroughly for a jeweler that deals in GIA certified diamonds. After this, you have to check their online website to ensure they have the services of certified and trained staff as this will help in your purchase. Besides, you should not hesitate to ask for their credentials and check for online customer reviews.

Finding The Appropriate Diamond

Finding the right jeweler is the most difficult of all and after that your next step is finding the right stone. For this, an idea about the 4C’s of diamond – cut, clarity, colour and clarity is essential on your part as it will help you to understand the jeweler’s explanation. There are certain details that you must be aware of when purchasing princess cut diamonds. The depth of diamond i.e. the distance from top to tip must be between 60 to 75 percent of the width of diamond. The diamond’s table i.e. the flat portion at the top or crown of the diamond, must be between 53 to 57 percent of the diamond’s width. The width to length ratio of the diamond should be between 1:1 and 1.05:1. The girdle of the diamond i.e. the small area connecting the pavilion and crown should be faceted and medium sized. The colour grading of the diamond should be I or better and it should have clarity ranking Sl1 or better.

The Flaws

Even if you find diamonds of the above mentioned qualities, you might find flaws in it and you must avoid them. For example, there will be pavilion bulge and this happens when the pavilion is cut too steeply. This affects how light is reflected, making the stone look dark and less brilliant. Also, ensure to look at the diamond under various lighting conditions to identify any flaw.

When making your final purchase of the princess cut diamond from a loose diamond dealer, ensure to get the GIA grading report as it certifies the quality of your purchase.

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