Popular One Carat Engagement Ring Designs

1 Carat Diamond Ring Designs
1 Carat Diamond Ring Designs
1 Carat Diamond Ring Designs

Diamond studded rings are the favorite choice of most women when it comes to engagement rings. Even though there are numerous designs to choose from, 1 carat diamond ring designs remain the most popular choice among women. Let us take a look at some of the best-selling designs in the one-carat category.

Princess Cut With Accent Stones

The princess cut is a brilliant cut that makes the diamond sparkle even in the dimmest of lights. The best way to make a one-carat princess-cut diamond stand out is to complement its look with some accent stones. A few subtle accent stones set in white gold or rose gold ring will highlight the center princess cut diamond. The final design would be an elegant ring with an extra bit of shine and sparkle.

Round Cut With Pave Setting

The pave setting features a one carat brilliant cut round diamond in the center, with accent stones on each side. The setting is done in a narrow band of white or rose gold. Some prefer platinum or yellow gold for this setting. No matter the color of the band, the minimal yet elegant design makes a beautiful engagement ring for those who prefer simple designs.

Round Cut With Wide Band

This is a minimalistic design at an affordable price. The centerpiece is a simple round-cut one-carat diamond. Set in platinum, white or rose gold, this diamond ring with a signature wide band is meant to compliment your hand and give you that elegant sparkle without being heavy on the pocket.

Round Cut With Channel Setting

For the ones who want to take a step further, there is this design with a one carat round cut diamond as the centerpiece with brilliant accent stones set on either side on a wide band. The extra width of the band makes the diamonds look comfortably set, without making the ring look huge. This setting is usually done in white gold to help bring out the sparkle in the diamonds.

Solitaire Princess Cut

Last and the best on the list is the solitaire princess cut one carat diamond engagement ring. As suggested by the name itself, the one carat princess cut diamond is a timeless design that most women love to wear on a daily basis. The minimalist design of the ring, combined with the elegance of the simple gold band, makes it the most favored one carat diamond ring choice of women all over the world.

People opting for one carat diamond rings as a gift can rest assured that their loved ones would love and cherish that piece of jewelry for the rest of their lives.

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