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We all know that the round cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts among people. Other than round cut, people prefer oval cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, etc. However, there are several other diamond cuts that are so rare that most people don’t even know about them. These rare diamond cuts are often more beautiful than popular cuts. When you buy loose diamonds, you might want to buy a diamond that can stand out from the rest. When you look for affordable diamonds online, you may find some of these rarest diamond cuts.

Here are some of the rarest diamond cuts that you can find.

Eighty-Eight Cut

If you enjoy wearing diamond rings for good luck, the uncommon diamond cut “Eighty-Eight Cut” is a perfect choice. This ring was inspired by Asian ideas that the number “8” is auspicious. In Chinese, the number “8” connotes prosperity, strength, and great fortune. The Eighty-Eight Cut has an octagonal cutting style. The brand “Finesse Diamonds” developed it, and it has a total of 88 facets.

Asprey Cut

The uncommon diamond cut “Asprey Cut” may look identical to the square shaped “Cushion Cut” at first look, but its cutting properties are unique and unlike any other. Gabi Tolkowsky, one of the world’s most known diamond cutters, created the Asprey Cut. He researched the history of diamond cutting and became enamored with the “Cushion Cut” in 18th and 19th-century designs. The Asprey Cut’s design is not excessively square, with softer edges, and the letter “A” is carved on the edge, giving it its own character.

Ashoka Cut

The “Ashoka Cut,” a rare diamond cut, is essentially a variation of the cushion cut diamond. It’s now rectangular with smoother edges. It was created in 1999 by William Goldberg Diamond Corporation. The Golconda diamond, which measures 41.37 carats and has a D color grade and immaculate clarity, gave it the moniker Ashoka. It was unearthed in Golconda and has been trademarked since 2000. It is tied to “Ashoka the Great.”

Jubilee Cut

The Jubilee Cut is a vintage uncommon diamond cut that is rarely seen because it is often exclusively used on bigger diamonds to make them shine even brighter. The lack of a level table and the eight facets at the top distinguish a Jubilee Cut. There are a total of 88 facets in the Jubilee Cut. This diamond was created in the early twentieth century to commemorate Queen Victoria of England’s 50th birthday.

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